Mission Impossible (Fish Eye) Goa.

“Mission Impossible (Fish Eye) Goa” was one of the most secretive Mission happened in the history of mankind for the world peace. This Mission Started on 1st Nov 2012 and Completed on 4th Nov 2012. The Motive of the mission was to Recover “Fish Eye”.

“Fish Eye” is a most complex device made by the Scientists for the World Peace but if it gets in the wrong hands it could Destroy the Universe. It was kept in the tight security but got stolen. And then started the “Mission Impossible (Fish Eye)” to bring it back to safety. The Top 7 agents from the world were chosen for the Mission- Agent Mangal, Agent Gupta, Agent Jain, Agent Aku, Agent Sanjeev, Agent Dhiru and Agent Manav. Each and everyone is best in his field and all of them have special powers.
Agent Mangal has the Strength of 7 Elephants, Agent Gupta knows Every Language in the World and even some Alien Languages, Agent Jain can Calculate Things in Seconds anytime you can ask him what is 2+2 and he will tell you in a second, Agent Aku is a Transporter he has connections all over the world and can get you anything anywhere, Agent Sanjeev is so old that some say he was born before the time and he knows everything, Agent Dhiru Has Such a Penetrating Voice that he can give a Headache to a Deaf also and Agent Manav is their Friend Philosopher & Guide.
Agent Sanjeev Talking to Agent Dhiru.
So According to the plan Agent Mangal, Agent Sanjeev, Agent Dhiru and Agent Manav took a flight from  Jaipur Airport which reached  Mumbai at 21:30. In Mumbai Agent Aku was there to pick us up and from there he had arranged for the transportation to Goa. The Trip was so secretive that Agent Aku Hired a Deaf Driver His name was “Angad” to take us to Goa so that no one can know about what we had chatted in the Cab.So from Mumbai we headed for Pune Where we had to pick Ajent Jain and from there we headed for Goa.
Agent Sanjeev, Agent Mangal, Agent Aku, Agent Dhiru and Agent jain.
To protect us from the enemies Agent Aku selected a Special Route. On that Route for miles there was not even a single restaurant or midway, anyhow we were hungry so we stopped at a road side stall at 2am, and the Owner of that stall who was sleeping at that time got up and Cooked Maggi for us. After our night time Maggi we again started for our destination.
The Route which we took was new to all of us, but little does we knew. Instead of Goa in the morning we reached Ganpatipule we all were surprised but Agent Aku told us it was for the safety of the Mission, anyhow from there after the Breakfast of “Gussal Pav” Specially Recommended by Agent Aku we again started our Journey.
Agent Mangal Drinking and Planning tor the Trip.
Agent Manav, Agent Sanjeev and Agent Aku.
For Disguise Agent Aku planned that he will Behave like a Gay so that no one can know about us.
Anyhow at last we Reached Goa and it took us about 20 hours to reach Goa, If we would have not been on Mission and would have taken the Highway it would have been the journey of 8 Hours max.
Agent Dhiru, Agent Manav, Agent Sanjeev and Agent Mangal.
So after we had checked in the Hotel ( I cant tell you about the Hotel for the Security Reasons) we started working on our Mission. We Got the tip that Terrorist who have stolen the Fish Eye are going for a deal at “Casino Royale”. So We straight away headed for “Casino Royale” which was in the Middle of sea and Tongue verification was necessary for the Entrance.
Agent Mangal and Agent Jain having their  Tongue verified.

Agent Mangal and Agent Jain having their  Tongue verified at Entrance.

After Spending few Thousands Oops few Hours we did not found anything there and we came back to Our Hotel.
Agent Jain, Agent Aku, Agent Mangal, Agent Sanjeev and Agent Gupta.

Next Morning Agent Gupta Joined us and he told us that he got a tip that Terrorists are on the Baga Beach and Doing water sports, so we also went there in their search and done some water sports but no use.
Agent Aku and Ajent Jain Trying to be in their Camouflage.
Agent Gupta, Agent Aku and Agent Sanjeev
After the 2 unsuccessful Raids we all sat together in our White Uniforms and we were Discusing what to do Next? At “The Mango Grove”, Candolim Beach, Goa.
Agent Mangal and Agent Dhiru
Agent Jain and Agent Manav
Then We Decided to Pray at Morjim Beach.

And God Showed us the way to “Bora Bora” at Morjim Beach Goa. At “Bora Bora” we got a tip that Tonight On the way to “Candolim from Morjim we can find Those terrorists. And it would be Tonight or Never cause tomorrow they will fly out to the new destination.
Agent Gupta with Agent Dhiru.
So we all Decided to get Ready for Tonight with some Beers and Oil massage.

We are all Getting ready for the Final Countdown.
Agent Mangal Showing his Moves.
We found them on a Deserted place and we all started Dancing, the Theme song of Our Mission was “Taar Bijli se Patle hamare piya. . . “ and we all danced and Danced and danced . . . . 
Agent Aku, Agent Snjeev, Agent Jain and in Center Agent Dhiru.
After Seeing our Moves all the terrorists accepted their Defeat and handed us the “Fish Eye.”
Next Day after Completing the Paper works at few local Bars we took the flight back to our Places.
Agent Manav, Agent Mangal and Agent Sanjeev in Flight.

“Fish Eye” now in Safe Custody of my Wife.

By Manav Singhi

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