Amber Fort by Night, Jaipur.

Amber Fort in Jaipur is now open for tourists at night also, it’s trimming are from 7pm to 10pm. This step is taken by the Department of Art and Culture as the planning to promote Night tourism in Jaipur The Pink City. The planning is to open more monuments in Jaipur for night Tourism. These types of initiatives are surely going to help Tourism in Rajasthan.
Now comes the hard part for me to tell the ground level reality as per date.
Entrance ticket cost’s 100rs to National Tourist and 400rs for Foreign Tourist for “Amber by Night” which is not at all of any worth. There are very few sections of palace which are open, that also you have to see from distance. You are not even allowed to go to those open places so taking good selfie is really very hard. I would say around 90% of palace is closed and you don’t have permission to move around and on top of that the security guards were Extremely Rude. So on the whole I would say if you want to visit Amber Palace do it in the day time, If you had been to Amber fort more than the 100 times in the day like me then only go for “Amber by Night”. For me This “Amber Fort by Night” was very disappointing at its present condition.

To Know more about Amber Fort Check this Link
View from Jaleb Chowk
Part of Jaleb Chowk
Part of Jaleb Chowk
Part of Jaleb Chowk
Stairway to Main Fort.
Diwan-e-Am (Public Audience Hall)
Ganesh Pol or the Ganesh Gate.
Sattais Kacheri (27 offices)
Ganesh Pol or the Ganesh Gate (Close Up)
Jai Mandir, Also known as Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace).
Parts of Palace of Man Singh I or Zanani Deorhi
Parts of Palace of Man Singh I or Zanani Deorhi


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