Photography Contest “Face Mask”

Free Photography Contest number 79 Face Mask by Our Jaipur Photographers

Photography Contest number 79 "Face Mask" by Our Jaipur Photographers' FB Group.

THEME “Face Mask” It can be Home or Street  Photography anywhere in any form but it has to be Creative. 
Last date of submission 30 June 2020.

* All you have to do is Post your Entries at Our Jaipur Photographers’ FB Group with title #FaceMask
* Anyone from any City or Country can Participate.
* The one winning entry will get “A Book” in Our Next PhotoWalk.

Judges for The Contest.

Himanshu Vyas - Chief Photojournalist
Suman Sarkar - Chief Photo Editor
Dr. Tabeenah Anjum - Senior Journalist and Photographer
Manav Singhi - Photographer


  1. What a good idea...and I church a mask-photo

  2. ...many people here don't think that wearing a mask is important!!!

  3. A good competition idea! ...,at the same time inspires many people to be aware of always wearing a mask.

  4. What a great subject. Not everyone here wears a mask but it is suggested that you do.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Masks have become accessories now . A nice idea .
    Devi :)

  6. Now that is a very good and relevant subject! I am sure a lot of talented photographers can capture stories that is starred by our new best friend the face mask!

    1. Ya I also think so. . . Thank You Steve. . . :)

  7. Great idea. Some great photos in the link! :-D

  8. the couple strolling under the blue and white umbrella are protecting themselves from two threats: virus and sun

  9. Jaipur is a special city for me...and Rajasthan too...will look forward to know more through the photographic wishes

  10. What an interesting theme. It really fits our current new normal.

  11. Face mask the new fashion trend, beautifully and clearly photographed.


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