Neyyandimelam of Tamil Nadu

Neyyandimelam of Tamil Nadu at Lokrang Jaipur 

Neyyandimelam is a traditional folk music form of Tamil Nadu, India. It is a percussive music form that is played on a variety of drums, including the nadaswaram, the thavil, and the parai. Neyyandimelam is typically performed during festivals and religious gatherings, and it is known for its energetic and rhythmic beats.

The word "neyyandimelam" literally means "ghee drum music". The name is derived from the fact that the drums used in neyyandimelam are traditionally coated with a mixture of ghee and beeswax. This helps to produce the rich and resonant sound that is characteristic of neyyandimelam.

Neyyandimelam is a very complex music form, and it requires a high degree of skill and coordination from the performers. The drummers must be able to play their instruments in perfect harmony with each other, and they must also be able to improvise and create new rhythms on the fly.

Neyyandimelam is typically performed by a group of 10-12 drummers. The drummers sit in a circle and play their instruments in a synchronized manner. The music is typically led by a nadaswaram player, who plays the melody of the song. The thavil players provide the accompaniment, and the parai players provide the rhythm.

Neyyandimelam is a popular music form in all parts of Tamil Nadu, and it is performed at a variety of festivals and religious gatherings. Some of the most popular festivals where neyyandimelam is performed include:


Neyyandimelam is also a popular music form among Tamil diaspora communities around the world. It is performed at cultural festivals and other events to celebrate Tamil culture and heritage.

This Shot are from '26th Lokrang-2023 Festival' presented by Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

From October 29 to November 8, 2023
National Folk Dance Festival
(Daily from 7:00 pm onwards)
National Handicraft Fair
(Shilpagram, daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm)

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