Bangle Shopping during the holy month of Ramzan.

Bangle Shopping during the holy month of Ramzan at Ramganj Bazar, Jaipur.
Bangles are traditional ornaments worn by the women in India. It is a common tradition to see a new bride wearing glass bangles at her wedding and the honeymoon will end when the last bangle breaks. Bangles also have a very traditional value in Hinduism and it is considered inauspicious to be bare armed for a married woman. Toddler to older woman could wear bangles based on the type of bangles. Bangles made of gold or silver are preferred for toddlers.

Barber Shop

 Barber Shop Jaipur
Only in India can you have a luxury of a haircut, shave and head massage at the total of 1 dollar. You can find these kinds of Barber Shops in every colony (block) of every town or village of India and mostly 95% of Indian men prefer to get at least a weekly shave from these shops, instead of shaving themselves at home. Still we think India is a Poor Country. I took this pic at a small town near Jaipur known as Sambhar.