My First Love, Bhutta.

First Love Bhutta.
Pahela pahela pyar na bhule,
Bhule chahe sari khudai.
Mujhe mila sath jo tera,
Maine sari duniya bhulai.

My first Love Bhutta (Grilled Corn), enjoying the season’s first bhutta at Jawahar Circle, Jaipur. #mobilephotography


I kind of miss those days when I use to ride two wheeler. I always use to reach home drenched in rainy season and when mom use to scold me I use to say mom what can I do it started raining and there was no shelter on the way. . . :) Anyhow there was a little girl on this bike in between her parents who was enjoying like anything and I was getting jealous of her.

The size of Family.

The size of Family.
I met this guy recently at one of the Sanganer Print Factory, when I was there on a shoot for a garment brand. I had spent some good amount of time there so got a chance to interact with him and other workers. You will be amazed to find out that many of them earn more money than many M.B.A. graduates nowadays but still live in very bad conditions. When I dug more about the reason behind their poor living conditions after such a good earning, one of the reasons I found is that they are the only earning member of their family and they send most of the money to their family in villages. You must be thinking most of the city graduates also support their families but still live in better conditions? Answer is simple “The size of Family”, When a city graduate talks about family it generally means nuclear family setup but When these worker talk about family it means Grand Parents, Parents, 3 or 4 Siblings, Wife and few Children. 

A country where children are considered as a gift of god and talking about condom is taboo in itself needs hell lot of effort to educate people about family planning. Otherwise no amount of money can bring good living conditions to them.

Monsoon Drama by Nature.

Amphitheatre of Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
There was Rain, Blue Sky, Clouds and Sunlight all together. Nature was in full mood of drama today and what could have been the better place then Amphitheatre of Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur to capture it. 

Monsoon in Rajasthan.

Relief from scorching heat, finally monsoon is in Rajasthan. It’s a different story that it had already claimed many lives all over India.

A Kulfi Wala.

A Kulfi Wala.

Had a chit chat with this guy who sell kulfi at the Statue Circle, Jaipur. He told me that competition is high, business is down and he has lot of expenses to meet. Then I asked him what does he thinks about the future of his business, he just went silent in a thought and I clicked his answer.

Thirsty Monkey and Modern Science.

Thirsty Gray langur and Modern Science.
Gray langur are common in India and so is the thirst for Water. It’s not just about the India but most of the countries in World are going through the crisis of clean water. Water is the basic necessity and after so much modernization, industrialization and so on . . . World is still going through the crisis of clean water? 

Just think about it are the Scientists from around the globe are so dumb that they can come up with innovations we can’t even imagine but they can’t come up with a solution for our basic necessity clean water? Even these Langurs in India have evolved and urbanized so much that they know how to open a tap to drink water and then when they are done they close the tap. But Scientists are still in the search for the solution of clean water or is someone stopping them from providing us the solution?

Exhibition - New Traditions: Influences and Inspirations in Indian Textiles.

Exhibition - New Traditions: Influences and Inspirations in Indian Textiles.
A unique textile exhibition titled ‘New Traditions: Influences and Inspirations in Indian Textiles, 1947 – 2017’ opened its doors to the public at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur on Friday. Showcasing artwork from over 50 artists and designers who have been dynamically influenced by cultural, political, social, economic and scientific conditions, the exhibition will remain open to the public till 31 July 2018.

Weeding Vastra Heritage Look Book Shoot 2018.

Weeding Vastra Heritage Look Book Shoot 2018.
Few shots from Weeding Vastra Heritage Look Book Shoot 2018.
Designer - Abhi Sharma
Model - Priyank Sharma, Muskan Golash and Garima Dhingra
Photography - Manav Singhi
Location - Castle Kalwar