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Manav Singhi Photography Classes by Art Photographer Manav Singhi, the concept of Photography Classes is to provide complete and thorough training in photography and full support not just while the course is going on but for a lifetime. This is probably the only course which is based on the contents and not just the duration. Which means, making you a photographer is a commitment, whatever time it may take. It is not a training program, where you need to bother about, how many sessions you have attended and about the duration of course. In the unlikely case that we are unable to make you understand a particular topic, we would continue with the same, till you are confident. So, you may cover up the course contents at a faster or slower pace as per your own capabilities. 

The number of students is also restricted in one group, enabling individual attention. In the success of our students lies our success. So, go ahead and unleash your passion for photography.

Broadly speaking the training involves the following parameters during your Course.

Online Interaction - Feedback and interaction is important. Besides direct discussions at the academy. You will be always in touch through an online forum. Post images and questions and get comments and answers directly from our mentors. 

Highlights - Content based training program - the training ends only when you are confident enough to handle everything on your own.

Well equipped studio infrastructure - get hands on experience with professional studio lights and other equipments.

Complete guidance - From buying a camera to setting up a studio and a successful career (Job Placement Assistance).

We have just one course No Basic No Advance just this one complete course and We have planned this course in a way which will going to make you an all Rounder Photographer. Photography is a practical subject so just theory will not going to help anyone cause its human tendency that when you don’t do practically something yourself you tend to forget it easily. We have planned more of the Practical sessions in Studio and on the field so that student can click what they had learned and can resolve any query on the spot.

Course Structure.

Know Your Camera - Phase 1
What is Photography?
Inside Your Digital SLR 
Key Components of Your dSLR 
Capturing Light 
Noise and Sensitivity. 
Dynamic Range
Controlling Exposure Time
How We Get Color 
Infrared Sensitivity 
Go through the Camera Manual
Which is the Best Camera and lens for Photography?

Basics of Photography - Phase 2
Learning few Basics in Photography so that you can start Shooting. . . :)
How to Hold your Camera and Body Posture
Criteria of Good Photography
Basics in Compositions
Basics in Exposure
Basics in Focus
Basics in Portraits

Exposure - Phase 3
What Affects Exposure
Exposure Mode
Programmed and Full Auto Exposures
Adjusting Exposure with ISO Settings
Semi-Automatic and Manual Exposure Modes
Manual Exposure
Exposure Metering
Bracketing and Merge to HDR

Focus - Phase 4
Manual Focus
Autofocus Considerations
Autofocus Modes
How Focus Works
Phase Detection
Contrast Detection

Trick Photography - Phase 5

Zoom Burst
Levitation photography
Double Exposure
Double Exposure kind of Shot in Single Exposure
Light Trails Photography

Sensor & File Format - Phase 6
Protecting the Sensor from Dust
Understanding Dust on Sensor
Cleaning the Sensor
Secrets of dSLR Image Storage
Key Considerations for Choosing a Card
Working with RAW and Other File Formats
Image Size, File Size, Image Quality, and File Compression
Advantages of Shooting RAW+JPEG
Advantages of Shooting RAW or JPEG

Lenses - Phase 7
Lenses and dSLRs
If It Ain’t Bokeh, Don’t Fix It
Understanding Lens Requirements
Image Stabilization
Causes of Camera Shake
Preventing Camera Shake
Using Image Stabilization

Lights - Phase 8
Types of Light 
Understanding Flash Sync 
Lighting Equipment 
Existing Light 

Few Genre of Photography - Phase 9
Product Photography
How to use Light tent in Jewellery Photography
Handicraft Photography
Food and Drinks Photography
Fireworks Photography

Architecture Photography - Phase 10
Old Architecture
Modern Architecture
Put Your Architecture in Context... or Don't
Shoot at Night
Pick Out Interesting Details
It's Not Just About Buildings
Forming With Lights
Playing With Lights
Drawing Lines

Night Photography with Lights - Phase 11
Night Photography
Light Trails
Light Paintings
Panning with Lights
Portraits in Night

Portrait and Fashion Photography - Phase 12 
Posing Your Subject
Viewing your Subject
How ease your Subject
Behind the Scene Preparations
Home Studio—or Nature’s Studio
Props and Stage Design
Your Portrait Camera and Lens
Direct versus Soft Light
Types of Lights to Use
Main Light 
Fill Light
Background Light 
Hair Light 
Lighting Techniques 
Short Lighting 
Broad Lighting 
Butterfly Lighting 
Rembrandt Lighting 
Side Lighting 
Outdoor Lighting
Balancing Light
A Touch of Glamour

Landscape, Wildlife, & Nature Photography – Phase 13
Scenic Photography
Scenic Essentials 
Eight Simple Rules for Composing Your Landscapes 
Front and Center
Landscape “Portraits”
Using Lines
Color and Texture
Key Types of Landscapes
Sea and Water Scenes 
Changing Seasons 
Wildlife Photography 
Animal Portraits
Bird Photography

Press Photography or Street Photography – Phase 14
True Story
Record of a Walk
What to Take 
The Backup Question 
Photographing People 
Photographing Monuments and Architecture 
Getting Permission 
Have Fun!

Events, Performances, Wedding, and Action Photography - Phase - 15
Arming for Battle 
The Importance of Position and Getting into Position
Interesting People 
Sports in a Nutshell 
Types of Dances and Performances
Continuous Shooting Basics 
Choosing Your Lenses
Zoom or Prime Lens? 
Focal Lengths Needed 
Action Exposure Concerns
Attaining Focus
Selecting an ISO Speed 
Using a Tripod or Monopod 
Basics of Freezing Action 
Motion and Direction 
Action Stopping Techniques 
Stopping Action with Panning
Freezing Action with Your Shutter 
Freezing Action with Electronic Flash 
Freezing Action at Its Peak 
When Blur Is Better
Some Final Tips

Close-Up or Macro Photography – Phase - 16
Macro Terminology 
Macro or General Purpose Lens? 
Close-Up Gear

To attain a Certificate at the end of course Student has to Submit Projects on Product, Architecture, Night, Portrait, Nature, Street, Event, Action and Macro Photography.

Course Fee : 50,000/- Rs. + 18%GST.
Course Duration : We have calculated that it will going to take approximately 200 hours of Sessions to complete this Course. Which means approx 3 to 4 months for an Average student.

Important note :- This Course is not for any Casual Photography enthusiast but we need serious candidates who are interested in photography seriously. I Manav Singhi is not at all interested in numbers of Students but I need those students in the school who are passionate about this subject. You make it a profession or do the Art photography in future that depends upon you but you have to be serious about the subject. Once you joined the school it’s my reputation on stake (cause when you will show your clicks to world they will inquire about from where you learned photography) and believe me I take my reputation and work very seriously.

Testimonial of Students
Jimmy Jiten Agarwal

I like how "Manav Singhi Photography Classes" works in many respects. I like that it is not a 'traditional' film school. I like the freedom I had have as students to follow my own train if thought and come up with ideas. I like the equipment available to us for use, as well as the fact that we get to work closely with the teachers on various projects.

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Manav Singhi Photography Classes
B-80, 3rd Floor,  Bhagwat Marg, Jai Jawan-1, Tonk Road, Jaipur.
Call at- 9828030809

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
26- Oct - 2018 Group Shot with Photography Students of Apex College, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
08 - July - 2018 Street Photography Class, Old City Area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
01 - July - 2018 Street Photography Class, Old City Area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
18 - March - 2018 Street Photography Class, Old City Area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
04 - Feb - 2018 Street Photography Class, Old City Area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
31 - Jan - 2018 Street Photography Class, Old City Area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
Macro Photography Class, Smriti Van, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
27 - Nov - 2016 If you suddenly look at this pic, you might guess it could be a golfer in action without his Golf Stick. Well, this is none other than our own Manav Singhi in action with his gear at Smriti Van.
A Pic  and Words by Raman Khandelwal

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
11 - June - 2016 Street Photography Class, Old City Area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
15 - May - 2016 Nature Photography Classes With the Photography students of Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
This pic is from 20 July 2015 Sanganer Street Photowalk at this place I was telling them about rule of third’s and golden ratio.
Picture Courtesy Chandraveer Singh Chauhan.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
12 - July - 2015 Street Photography Class, Old City Area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
10 - May - 2015 Street Photography Class, Old City Area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
30 - Nov - 2014 Historical Architecture photography Class at Old Amer area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
28 - Sep - 2014  Class on Lines and Geometry Photography at Jantar Mantar, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
12 - Oct - 2014 Class on how to do Folk Dance Photography at "Lokrang", Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. 

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
7 - Sep - 2014 Historical Architecture photography Class at Nahargarh, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
3 - Aug - 2014 Visit to Diggi - Kalyan Ji, Learning Travel Photography.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
6 - June - 2014 Abstract and Minimilism Photography Classes at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
22 - June - 2014 Photowalk lerning about "Life" Photography. 

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
7 - June - 2014 Light Photography Class, at old city area, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
1st - June - 2014 Panning Workshop in front of Amar Jawan Jyoti, Jaipur.

Manav Singhi Photography Classes.
18 - May - 2014 Nature Photography Class at Central Park, Jaipur.


  1. These photography classes are fantastic! I learned so much about composition, lighting, and editing techniques. They truly helped me take my photography to the next level. Worth every penny! newborn photography course


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