Locust Attack - Jaipur

Locust Attack in Jaipur RajasthanWorst Locust attack in 27 years: Swarms of locusts entered India from Pakistan and had destroyed crops in several states of India.

These Pictures are from Today's Locust Attack in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Jaipur Opening after Lock Down

Street Photography Face Mask Jaipur Opening after Lock Down

10 Street Photograph showing Jaipur Opening after Lock Down and Mandatory Face Mask to Protect and Stop the Spread of Corona Virus.

All the malls and markets are now started opening in Jaipur but nothing is usual. Government is trying to implement many rules like Thermal Scanning, Wearing Face Mask, Sanatizing, Social Distancing and so on before entering any mall or shop. Government has also implemented many rules for Industries, establishments and basically for everyone. Some of the Big Malls, Big Industries and Big Establishments are following it properly but not everyone.

Recently I had read somewhere that you are afraid of Corona Virus till the time you have cash in bank and food in kitchen. I think it was the Ultimate Truth about the Corona Virus Pandemic Fear. If I talk about the numbers of deaths and many other kind of numbers and will start comparing them then this whole Corona Virus will look like a Common Cold nothing more than that. Many Countries and Renowned People had started Screaming that this whole Corona Virus thing is Hoax. I don’t know and don’t even want to get into this discussion but one thing I know for sure is that it is impossible to implement all the rules Indian Government is trying to implement in the name of Corona Virus in a Country like India. Still something is better than nothing, is it? Or should we start thinking about removing this fear and go towards Heard Immunity which have been started by many other Countries?

Neelkanth Mahadev & Naugaja Temple of Santinatha

Archaeological Ruins at Neelkanth Mahadev & Naugaja Temple of Santinatha

Neelkanth Mahadev & Naugaja Temple of Santinatha is on an isolated plateau top, in the Tehla village of Alwar, which falls in the buffer zone of the Sariska Tiger Reserve. It is about 110 Km from Jaipur.

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is the only surviving temple in the scattered ruins of approx 200 temples. It is surrounded by the ruined walls of the Rajorgarh Fort later known as Paranagar. Neelkanth Mahadev Temple complex that dates back to the 7th-10th century CE. The temple was built by Maharaja dhiraja Mathanadeva Bargujar, a Pratihara feudatory ruler.

It is said that the entire Shiv Ling in the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is of Blue Sapphire and there are popular stories which connects the Siv Ling to Pandavas. 

Naugaja Temple of Santinatha is situated about 100 m west of the Neelkanth.  Where on a high platform (jagati) stands a 5.33 metres (17.5 ft) tall statue of the Jain tirthankara Shantinatha, the idol is built in a Digambara style, carved in a light orangish-red sandstone and miniature shrines on the sides.  An inscription preserved in National Museum records that the temple dedicated to Santinatha was built on the 13th day of the dark half of Baisakha in the year VS 979 (AD 922-23) during the reign of Gurjar Pratihar Mahipala Deva of Kannauj and the architect was Sarvadeva of simhapadra. The temple is now protected by Archaeological Survey of India.

I had took these Pictures on 19-July-2010 after that I had tried to go there twice but the Road to reach there was so bad that I had to return from mid. Don’t know the condition of Roads right now but If you are planning to go then I will suggest go in SUV kind of car. In Monsoon time it is Must To Go Place HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Photography Contest “Face Mask”

Free Photography Contest number 79 Face Mask by Our Jaipur Photographers

Photography Contest number 79 "Face Mask" by Our Jaipur Photographers' FB Group.

THEME “Face Mask” It can be Home or Street  Photography anywhere in any form but it has to be Creative. 
Last date of submission 30 June 2020.

* All you have to do is Post your Entries at Our Jaipur Photographers’ FB Group with title #FaceMask
* Anyone from any City or Country can Participate.
* The one winning entry will get “A Book” in Our Next PhotoWalk.

Judges for The Contest.

Himanshu Vyas - Chief Photojournalist
Suman Sarkar - Chief Photo Editor
Dr. Tabeenah Anjum - Senior Journalist and Photographer
Manav Singhi - Photographer

Today was the Beautiful Rainy Day for Jaipur.

A Couple pointing towards the Rainbow, who was standing in the shade to get Protected from Rain Jaipur
A Couple pointing towards the Rainbow, who was standing in the shade to get Protected from Rain Jaipur.