A letter from Window.

A letter from Window.
A winter morning and time is kind of frozen. This is window of my room, when I wake up I look outside from it and in the night it basically work as partition from darkness. This window is always in front of me but I rarely look at it. It is there but not there for me. Ok now let's assume that windows have life and they have brains, heart, feelings and everything. But they don't move or they just can't communicate. But what if one day you get a letter from your Window?

Dear Manav,
Although I know you are pathetically selfish person and you are absolutely self obsessed. But still when we start a letter it's kind of formality to ask how are you. But I know you very well for all these formalities, let me straight away come to the point. You are a selfish and self centered person and you have neglected me completely. When few years back I came to your home, I had so many dreams. Do you remember how many efforts you took to design me and how much happy you were after seeing me for the first time after I got instated in your room? Do you remember initially how you use to take care of me? How you had a fight with your wife about what color I will have? Then every morning before you look outside you use to look at me and smile. But gradually you started neglecting me and developed a habit of straight away looking outside. You stopped caring about me and stopped looking at me. Everyday when you use to wake up I use to think that today might be you will look at me and again going to give me the same old smile but you never did. I never wanted much, all I wanted was little bit of love and care but I think that was too much for you to ask from. Basically you took me for granted and I am fed up of you and I would have left you long before. But I stayed, not for you but because of your kid. Whenever he sees me he smiles and feels happy, he plays with me, spend time with me and he loves me. He is the reason why I am writing to you.

Do you know today when he was playing with me he slipped because of the dust and bumped his head. He cried and cried which was very painful. His mom started shouting, if you will play with the window again you will again bump your head so stop playing with window. But it was not my fault it was you who stopped taking care of me and because of that dust collected all over me which was the reason why he slipped. Please don’t take away the only person who loves me away from me. Please clean me and let him play with me I assure you he will not going to slip again.

Your Neglected

How to Take Double Exposure kind of Shot in Single Exposure?

Beyond the Truth
As I always say it’s all about Artospective. I took this shot from the basic DSLR, it is not photoshopped nor double exposure, no mirror in between or any kind of tricky element.

I was sitting with few friends at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. And we were enjoying the evening. Then I suddenly saw two beautiful frames and felt like combining them. Generally it can be done easily in the new upgraded DSLR’s  and the technique is known as Double Exposure. Or some people do this kind of thing in photoshop also. But both of these things are not considered as a photography by the old school serious photographers. Ok so I was carrying the basic 6 year old Canon 550D  DSLR with 50mm lens. I generally keep this set in my bag as a anytime – anywhere fun photography camera. So I took it out and started doing some experiments and then after few test shots I was able to take this Photograph. This is a single exposure shot which is giving effect of Double exposure. 

Exif details of this Shot is.
Shutter Speed - 10.0 Sec
Aperture – f/10
ISO – 100
Camera – Canon 550D
Lens – 50mm f/1.4

So if you want to take these kind of shots in single exposure then first you have to find two almost equal exposure frames close together only. Then put your shutter speed on long exposure like I kept it on 10 sec exposure. Then half press the shutter button and focus on the first subject and then click. Keep your camera in sturdy position, for new bees using tripod would be suggested. Keep your first frame exposed for 4.5 sec you can count the seconds in your head or new bees can use watch. Then move your camera lens towards the another frame you selected this movement has to be completed within 1sec. For next 4.5sec keep your camera in sturdy position and expose that frame. And Kaboom you will be able to get this kind of shot in Single Exposure.

If you have any questions you can post them in comments below and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.