Zoom-out image of the Brain

Zoom-out image of the Brain

If you want to look through human nature, look through the environment around you...

A few days ago, I was reading about the different brain connections and how complicated it is to understand it. Every cell in our brain is responsible for our behavior, feelings, and actions. A small pinch makes more than thousands of transmissions to make us feel it. More than ten thousand connections are happening each second, even when we sleep. This picture reminds me of the same how one stem is connected to the other and yet so beautiful. The complexity of nature makes it more appealing, and one can’t get tired admiring it. Similarly, like our brain, the environment around us keeps growing, and helping us understand different aspects of life.

If we compare each stage of brain development with that of a growing plant, we can see so many similarities. As the connections in our brains help us stay healthy and fit analogy, the links between the plants help them stand straight—plants and minds are more alike than we can even think. The intricacy of the brain and the environment around us is a mystery. The more you try to explore, the more it gets interesting.   

Playing with the monochrome and minimalism always bring the depth in the photo, similarly like the ying-yang philosophy brings depth in our lives. There are so many attractive flowers around us, but the beauty of a black and white flower is so admiring. For me, every blooming flower is like a soul blossoming in nature. 

When looking through a different perception, I could see how our thoughts get entangled with each other similarly, like the stems are. From one single thought, there come so many feelings. Just like this net of the stems makes a frame, likewise, we all are stuck in our thought processes. Whatever we think and do makes our frame through which other people see us. Some find it relaxing and appealing, whereas some find it complex and mysterious.   

Let me know what you think about this “zoom-out image of the brain” because I believe more in what I cannot see than what I can see. Comment your thoughts below in the comment sections. 

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