Komal Kalra Pagarani Mrs Asia 2014

Komal Kalra Pagarani Mrs Asia
Komal Kalra Pagarani Mrs Asia 2014 – Shot took at Opening Party of Rajasthan Style Week which took place at Blackout, Jaipur on Saturday Eve.


A lady with Sari in Monsoon
Took this shot on the bank of river Yamuna near Vrindavan.

Umbrella Man

Street Shot Monsoon in Rajasthan
Yesterday took this shot from inside the car at somewhere on Jaipur – Agra Highway. Weather was beautiful, finally Monsoon has hit the Rajasthan.

It's so easy to Blame.

It's so easy to Blame.
I was walking in the front of Hawa Mahal, which is one of the busiest streets of Jaipur.

I saw this guy sitting in this position from the distance and as I was about to cross this guy I took this shot. Before I crossed him I was thinking, what kind of society I live in where a guy is sitting on the street in this position and no one cares. People are just passing by him and no one has a moment to stop and ask him his problem? And then I did the same moved ahead without looking back. 

Where there is a Will there is a Way.

Where there is a Will there is a Way.
His name is Jitendra Sen and we were on photo walk few days back. We found this government school in the old city of Jaipur where I took this shot. 

I know Jitendra Sen from last few years. He works in an IT company, married to an artist and now they have a one year old kid, he maintains a bike and he recently shifted to his new 2BHK flat which he bought with Housing Loan. He enjoys photography and we often get together for street photography and after photo walk occasionally sit for few drinks. In many of those occasional sittings he use to tell me that he and his wife want to do something for the poor kids and for society and so on. I use to listen to him but knowing his financial background I use to advice him differently, in today’s time it’s not easy to make the ends meet for a self made middle class family and on top of that planning to do social service uff. . . 

But that day before we started the walk, we were just chatting and he told me that he and his wife had started teaching the kids of servants and poor labour who works around his neighbourhood. They teach them on Saturday and Sunday morning and now they have strength of 8 kids in their small school.

A Selfie.

A Selfie of Manav Singhi Jaipur
I took this Selfie at Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

Monsoon in Jaipur and Conversation over Tea.

Monsoon in Jaipur and conversation over tea
Arvind Jodha a famous cartoonist and Yogesh Moda an aspiring director were lost in conversation over tea. The shot was taken at the Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

The Zero Story at JKK, Jaipur.

The Zero Story at JKK, Jaipur.
Zero with his Guardian Angel
After a long pause weekend theater and cultural programmes again started at Jawahar Kala Kender, Jaipur with the lovely interactive play "The Zero Story”. The play was directed by Ashwath Bhatt, it was a 55 minutes play on the boy called ‘Zero’. He comes from the family of numbers, where he is considered the most stupid and bullied around. This makes Zero very sad and then starts a journey in which he discover his powers. The moral of the play is that every kid is unique and every kid has special abilities, all he has to have is confidence in himself and support of parents.

This was a nice Interactive play where all the actors were dressed up as clowns and every now and then they had interaction with kids in audience which was very interesting for kids. Kids enjoyed this interaction & clumsiness of clowns, there was lot of giggling and laughter from kids, even I was smiling most of the time. The auditorium was house full; in the promotional poster they had written a line that “this is a play performed by adults for adults and children”. But in the auditorium there were lot more adult audience then the children, according to me it should be “a play performed by adults for children”. I think next time they should make it mandatory that every adult has to be accompanied with a kid then only he gets entry to these kind of play. After the play on my way back to parking area I overheard a conversation, a kid asking innocently to his mom that was this a real life story? and I was like. . . . . .  :)