Irrfan Ali Khan (7 January 1967 – 29 April 2020)

National Award Winner "Irrfan Ali Khan" India's Most Versatile Actor passed away on Wednesday (April 29) Morning. I took this shot of Irrfan Ali Khan on 17-Jan-2014.
National Award Winner "Irrfan Ali Khan" India's Most Versatile Actor passed away on Wednesday (April 29) Morning. I took this shot of Irrfan Ali Khan on 17-Jan-2014.

From afternoon only I had started seeing n numbers of status updates, stories, condolences, posts and so on . . . about Irrfan Ali Khan. Today I don’t want to go into all that, after writing this article I will go and watch his movie Haasil. When I saw Irrfan Khan in Haasil for the first time I instantly knew that he will be big shot one day and also fell in Love with Hrishita Bhatt Actress of that movie (So what, It was my Age). Some of the Movies other than Haasil which I found best of him are Maqbool in 2004, Life in a... Metro 2007, Paan Singh Tomar 2011, The Lunchbox 2013, Piku 2015, Talvar 2015 and Hindi Medium 2017.

I had spent 17 years knowing him not personally but through his work, media and news. One thing I am certain about him is that he was full of energy and fighting spirit. He was fighting with a tumor for several months and was in no mood of giving up. But . . . Today he is No more with us. I don’t know what happens after Life but I am sure of one thing whatever will come he will face it with same energy and fighting spirit. . . . Kudos to him.

Bird/Birds - Photography Contest

Bird/Birds - Photography Contest

Photography Contest number 77 by "Our Jaipur Photographers'" THEME “Bird or Birds”. 

Last date of submission 3 May 2020.

* All you have to do is Post your Entries at Our Jaipur Photographers' FB Group (The Biggest Photographers Group of Rajasthan) with title #Bird/#Birds With your Creative Pics Of Birds. - Go Ahead and Unleash your Creativity.

* One & Only Rule is it has to be Clicked between the Period of India Lockdown 2020 and Location should be your Home.

* The one winning entry will get a Book.
* Anyone from any City or Country can Participate.

The Winning Pic of Contest #77 Theme "Bird or Birds" is by Mahesh Sharma
Winning Pic of Contest #77 Theme "Bird or Birds" is by Mahesh Sharma‎

The Winning Pic of Contest #77 Theme "Bird or Birds" is by Mahesh Sharma‎ Out of 40K+ Our Jaipur Photographers’ Members. 
Date of Contest - 16th April 2020 to 3rd May 2020
Congratulations Mahesh Sharma Your Prize "A Book" will be waiting for you at our Next Photowalk. Below are the top 10 Entries which were Very Close.

Judges of The Contest Were.
Himanshu Vyas - Chief Photojournalist
Suman Sarkar - Chief Photo Editor
Tabeenah Anjum - Senior Journalist and Photographer
Manav Singhi - Art Photographer

India Lockdown Day 16

India Lockdown Day 16 Jaipur
India Lockdown Day 16 - A total of 39 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Jaipur on Thursday among the 80 new cases reported in state which took the total number of corona patients in Rajasthan to 463.

India Lockdown Day 15

India Lockdown Day 15 Jaipur
India Lockdown Day 15 - A total of 23 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Jaipur on Wednesday among the 40 new cases reported in state which took the total number of corona patients in Rajasthan to 383, Jaipur has 129 positive cases. The novel corona virus has so far claimed six lives in the state. 

On a High Note: - Mistaking hand sanitizes for liquor, some sanitation workers were found consuming them. Reason: Their packaging bears a close resemblance to country-made liquor bottles, The pungent odor and packing of this sanitizers resembles that of country-made liquor. Some of the civic body workers are overjoyed at the thought that amid the lock down, the government is providing them with subsidized liquor, without realizing that it is not fit for consumption.

Wildfire broke out at the Jhalana forest area.

Wildfire broke out at the Jhalana forest area.
Today 6-April-2020 - Wildfire broke out on the hills at the Jhalana forest area in Jaipur Today. The fire is spread over nearly a hectare. Efforts to contain the blaze are being made, an official said. The Jhalana forest area is the home to many wild animals, including leopards. The above Picture of fire was taken from the terrace of my house near World Trade Park, Jaipur.

Yesterday Panic was all around the Jaipur as 39 Coronavirus fresh cases were reported in Ramganj area. Today uptill now 6 Coronavirus cases are reported in Jaipur. 

In middle of Covid-19 chaos Monika and Ajay Choudhary of Jaipur got married today with very few guests after getting permission from authorities during the ongoing nation-wide lockdown. Every one wore a mask and social distancing was observed.

From the morning only reading a news and laughing how media exaggerate the things, "A massive fire broke out on Sunday after a flying lantern fell on a hut in Jaipur's Vaishali Nagar in Rajasthan." This was the news headline of Times of India and many people all around the country shared this news and Tweeted about it. This incident became news because this happened in the response of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call to show solidarity with the fight against the coronavirus, people here lit earthen lamps, candles as also burst firecrackers. In reality a thatched (a roof or a building constructed with straw or a similar material) hut on a vacant plot of land caught fire in the Vaishali Nagar area in Jaipur on Sunday night as firecrackers fell on its roof, police said. However there was no casualty, they added. Chief Fire Officer Jagdish Phulwari said two firefighters managed to bring the blaze under control, adding that no one was present in the house at the time of the incident.

Lighting the Candles/Diyas - 5th April 2020

Lighting the Candles/Diyas - 5th April 2020
My Wife Lighting the Candles at 9 pm Sunday 5th April 2020 at our Home.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Country on the morning of 3rd April 2020 and asked Indians to switch off all lights at home at 9 pm Sunday 5th April and light Candles or Diyas or use the Flashlights of their mobile phones for 9 minutes in the balcony or terrace of their homes to spread brightness and further the spirit of unity in combat with Corona Virus Pandemic.

Before this the Prime Minister urged citizens to follow the concept of ‘Janta Curfew’ on 22nd March 2020 from 7am to 9pm, urges for resolve, restraint to fight Corona Virus. Has also asked to clap or ring bells for five minutes on that day at 5pm by standing in the balconies and at the doors of their houses In an attempt to appreciate the doctors, nurses and every other person who is helping the country fight the novel Coronavirus Pandemic.

On 24 March, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic. 

Today is the 12th day of India's 21-day lockdown. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in India stands at 3,577. The Union Health Ministry has said that 83 people have died due to the virus.

Globally, there have been over 12 lakh confirmed cases of COVID-19. At least 64,600 people have died so far. The United States, Spain, Italy, Germany and France have registered more cases than China, where the outbreak started.

The lockdown has clearly created lot of problems for Indians but are those problems worth the lockdown? 
When I see towards the global situation and the chance that this lockdown might going to save millions of lives in India, I feel this step is worth every problem we are facing.

Second Question – What was this Lighting the Candles or Diyas thing or what was that Clapping thing before that, are these things going to help us fight Corona Virus Pandemic in any way, are these things important?
I would say yes these things are also going to help us fight Corona Virus Pandemic, I will give you my own example I am an introvert or you can say unsociable kind of person. We had shifted to this new home few years back because of my nature I had never initiated to become friendly with neighbors, just Hi – Hello was enough for me. But on 22nd March when we came out in our Balcony to cheer for the Coronavirus fighters and saw that I was not alone my neighbors and their neighbors and our entire colony is there together in this fight, it boosted my confidence that yes together we can fight this. Next day when I saw in news that entire Nation cheered for the fighters, It gave me the feeling of security that I am not alone in this fight, I have a army with me. Same feeling I got today when we came out for lighting the candles and diyas, the whole vibes I was receiving was that yes together we can. People had light the candles and diyas in every home of our colony some people were also bursting firecrackers, The whole environment was giving you strength and this strength is very important to win any war.