Ek Shaam Kavitaoen Ke Naam.

Ek Shaam Kavitaoen Ke Naam.
Ek Shaam Kavitaoen Ke Naam, A poetry recital program organized at the Gungun’s (Padmaja’s) home on 22-Dec-2017. Aunty (Gungun ki Mummy, I don’t know her name.) was reciting her poems when I clicked this shot. It was a lovely evening and after the poetry recitals she treated us with tasty Pav-Bahji.

But two days later Sir urrf Mr. Himanshu Vyas exposed to me that it was Uncle’s (Gungun ke Papa’s) hand behind the tasty Pav-Bahji.

Suman Sarkar.

Suman Sarkar Urrf Dada at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.
Suman Sarkar Urrf Dada at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

Arvind Jodha and Padmaja.

Arvind Jodha
A Closeup Shot of Arvind Jodha Smoking Taken Today at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

 Arvind Jodha and Padamja.
 Arvind Jodha and Padmaja.

What is the Criteria of Good Photography?

A mobile shot taken today of two friends Arvind Jodha and Anjali Shekhawat at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. Sometimes when you share this kind of photography and like it then many questions arise in your mind and the biggest question of them all is what is the criteria of good photography? 

I am doing Photography from last 20 years and still I learn new things every day. With every new situation you come up with new Idea and that gets converted in the new result. Initially when I started I studied that A Photo should be Sharp, With High Contrast, Colourful, Well Exposed, Well Composed and Have Some Creativity. Then came a time when things got more advance and I added few more points in my definition of “Criteria of Good Photography” Like Impact of Photograph,  Proper Use of Light, Story it’s Telling, It's Technical Quality and Proper Presentation of Photograph. All these points helped me a lot in my Journey of Photography and I will recommend all the new bees to memorize these points for output of a good Commercial Photograph.

With the Time I learned that there are Two kinds of Photography First Commercial and Second Personal

In Commercial Photography you have to keep all the above points in mind and Commercial Photograph is a Photograph which does not have any Emotional Involvement of Photographer in it. The sole purpose of Commercial Photograph is to get maximum viewership and appreciation. For example if a photographer is at a place of tragedy and he clicks a very Painful Picture of tragedy then don’t think that it’s not a Commercial Photograph. It is also a Commercial Photograph because Photographer didn’t had any Emotion Involve in the Photograph he is just trying to take most painful picture with all the Criteria of Good Photography so that he or she gets maximum viewership and appreciation. Some Photographers might say that no they are Emotionally Involved in those kind of Photographs but that will be a lie because just think if your loved one gets a bad cut in his hand what is going to be your first reaction to take his photograph or to help him? If you are Emotionally Involved in any situation then taking a Photograph with the Criteria of Good Photography becomes kind of impossible. If you are Emotionally Involved in a situation then you forget about all the Criteria of Good Photography, Viewership and Appreciation. This is the same reason that the best of the best surgeons don’t operate on their loved ones.

Second Kind of Photography is Personal in which Emotional involvement is so much that you forget about the “Criteria of Good Commercial Photography”, Viewership and Appreciation and that automatically becomes the “Criteria of Good Personal Photography”. According to me Personal Photography is the real Photography because it captures the emotion between Photographer and the situation or subject. Photographers don’t generally share those photographs but keep it safe cause viewing those photographs give them pleasure in whatever way. For example I had taken many Photographs of My Son, My Family and My Friends which I keep with me or sometimes share and I enjoy watching them. But that does not mean I had not taken their Commercial Photographs I had taken their Commercial Photographs also but at those times my Emotional involvement with the subject or situation was nil.

So according to me there are Two different types of “Criteria of Good Photography” First “Criteria of Good Commercial Photography” and Second “Criteria of Good Personal Photography” as mentioned above. Please feel free to post your comments below.

Communal Politics is Ruining India.

Christmas Jaipur Street Mobile Photography and how Communal Politics is Ruining India.
Yesterday evening when I was coming home I saw this guy on red light selling these Santa Caps. I took this Mobile Shot and a cap for my Kid (I am a Hindu and Santa has already got few Gifts for my kid this month). On the way I was thinking that every year we celebrate Christmas in such a big way in Jaipur and every year it’s growing Bigger and Bigger. You will see all the market and the city in the festive color of Christmas at this time of year. So I was thinking like what is the population of Christians in Jaipur? I Googled my query and the Jaipur Population Census 2011 Data came in front of me.

I was shocked after seeing the result, according to the Jaipur Population Census 2011 Data.

Total Population of Jaipur was 6,626,178 in 2011 out of which
Total Population of Hindus in Jaipur was 5,819,980 in 2011
and Total Population of Christians in Jaipur was only 12,708 in 2011
And still if you come to Jaipur at this time of year you will feel like entire city is celebrating the Christmas.

Mean while I reached home and there was smile on my face, I was thinking that all this propaganda of Communal Politics in India is not true now and Time is changing. Had dinner and went to bed, opened the twitter to check any last minute interesting news and saw this article “Hindu group disrupt Christmas celebrations in Rajasthan.” by a Journalist friend of mine Tabeenah Anjum who works for Deccan Herald.

Ah. . . this was enough for ruining my good mood. These were just 5 to 8 guys trying to get easy fame through Communal Politics and ended up in defaming the entire Hindu Ideology of Love and peace.

Kashmir in Jaipur.

It's Winter time and what could be more beautiful then capturing Kashmir?
Tabeenah Anjum in Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.

Bharatnatyam recital entitled ‘Nritpriya’.

Bharatnatyam recital Nritpriya Angeekam Dance Institute
Bharatnatyam recital entitled ‘Nritpriya’ took place today on Friday (24 November) at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. 

Renowned artiste Dr. Gyanendra Dutt Bajpayee, who is a disciple of Padmabhushan Guru Saroja Vaidyanath, has performed at the event.

‘Nrittpriya’ essentially means lover of dance and the movements in the performance were dedicated to the Lord of Dance – Lord Shiva. It is worth noting that Dr. Gyanendra has performed over 5,000 times in India and has also presented his dance abroad.

The programme had been held in collaboration with Aangekam Dance Institute. The artiste and dancers performed under the direction of Ms. Nikita Mudgal who is the founder of Angeekam Dance Institute.
Dr Gyanendra Dutt Bajpai Bharatnatyam Dancer
Dr. Gyanendra Dutt Bajpai

Bharatnatyam recital Nritpriya Angeekam Dance Institute

South Asian Sufi Festival.

Dr. Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, Trustee, Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust and Grand Daughter of Mahatama Gandhi
There isn’t much difference in the spirit of the Pakistani folk singer Reshma and the mystic poet Mirabai, whose devotional poetry resounds in the various corners of Rajasthan. With these thoughts, Dr. Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee, Trustee, Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust and Grand Daughter of Mahatama Gandhi inaugurated the 5th South Asian Sufi Festival at Diggi Palace in Jaipur on Friday.

Auto Ride.

Auto Ride Eyes
I took this auto from Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur to my home. The driver looked very sad to me, his eyes looked like they have many stories to tell. But he didn’t told me anything and nor had I asked.

Nayantara Parpia.

Lovely Kathak performance on the eve of 29sept at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur by Nayantara Parpia.
Lovely Kathak performance on the eve of 29sept at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur by Nayantara Parpia.

Message of the Mahatma.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi - Charcoal on Paper.

Art Camp and Short Film Screening on 100 years of Champaran Movement of Mahatama Gandhi.

Rajasthan Adult Education Association in association with White Canvas organised one day painting camp and 4 days sculpture camp on the theme 'Message of the Mahatma'. 70 Painters and 15 sculptor artists  from all over India created on this theme. Artists depicted different forms of Gandhi and Gandhian values on different medium. 

The camp was held at in the lush green lawns of Rajasthan Adult Education Association (RAEA), situated in Jhalana, Jaipur. In the morning  of 5th September an orientation lecture was held for the artists which was done by Chairman of RAEA Ramesh Thanvi. Also a short film ‘Kalamkhush’, by Himanshu Vyas depicting Gandhi was screened for the artists and participants at 9:30AM. 

"There is a meaningful relation between education and art. This event is an experiment of linking the Gandhian idea with various art forms. As  Mahatama ji said "my life is my message", he himself was the embodiment of values and ideals. All artists were free to pick up any message from his life, either symbolize it or recreate it, may be real or in abstract form,”  Ramesh Thanvi, Chairperson of RAEA said.

The painting and sculpture camp was held to mark the 100 years of Champaran peasant movement a part of the wider struggle for independence, by Gandhiji when returned from South Africa. The Champaran peasant movement was launched in 1917-18.

The ongoing sculpture camp was also got over on September 5th which was started on 2nd September 2017. Camp was inaugurated by famous art critic Varsha Das on September 2nd.

The senior artists present at the camp were RB Gautam, OM Thanvi, Daniel Connell, Ranbir Sinh, Harishankar Balothia and SK Bhatt. Senior artists while interacting with the participants told them about the idea of art for GandhiJi.

Sanjana Sen

Sanjana Sen
Sanjana Sen Brand Ambassador for Miss Rajasthan Makeup by Silverine Spa And Salon

Aparna Singh

Aparna Singh
Miss Rajasthan  Contestant Aparna Singh, Makeup by Silverine Spa and Salon.


It was drizzling and my car was parked just in front of these two near World Trade Park, Jaipur. The reason why I am sharing this shot is that, this woman was scolding this dog and he was listening to her like he was guilty of something. That’s what caught my attention and I tried to capture it.

Dancing the Gods - Kathak performance by Rashmi Uppal

Dancing the Gods - Kathak performance by Rashmi Uppal
"Times Jaipur Festival"
Dancing the Gods - Kathak performance by Rashmi Uppal at Harishchandra Totuka Bhawan, Jaipur. 

आज बड़ी मुख़्तसर सी बारिश थी।

आज बड़ी मुख़्तसर सी बारिश थी।
में सोचता हूँ की कोई भी बारिश मुकम्मल तब तलक नहीं हो सकती जब तक उसे महसूस न किया जाए। एक बारिश को मुकम्मल उसे महसूस करने वाला ही बनाता है। अगर किसी बारिश को कोई महसूस करने वाला नहीं तो वो बस पानी की कुछ बूंदो की एक मुख़्तसर सी कहानी बन के खो जाती है। आज की बारिश शायद एक ऐसी ही मुख़्तसर सी कहानी थी, जिसका होना बस होने के लिए था। 

वरना आप ही सोचिये क्या कभी ऐसा हो सकता हे की बारिश हो और कोई एहसास पैदा न हो? एहसास होंगे तो उसे महसूस करने वाले भी होंगे और बारिश खुद ब खुद मुकम्मल हो जाएगी। एक ज़माना था जब बारिशें होती थी और एहसास खुद ब खुद पैदा हो जाते थे। कहीं ऐसा तो नहीं आज कल की बारिशों में एहसास पैदा करने वाला जज़्बा ही नहीं रहा? क्या ये भी हमारी तरह आधुनिकता की दौड़ में अपने होने के असल कारण को ही भूल गयी? 

हाँ यही कारण सही जान पड़ता है, शायद आज कल की बारिशें भी आधुनिक हो गयीं। 


Shot taken at the Studio of Arvind Jodha and Anjali Shekhawat.  #MobilePhotography


Recently I got introduced to the word “Anthropocentric” it means regarding humankind as the central or most important element of existence. 

I am doing Photography from last 20 years and the first photograph which I took from my first SLR camera was of a young girl. In these 20 years I had took many shots other then my commercial work and 99% of them somehow had human in them, I used to call them Portraits, Street Photography, Photo Journalism and so on . . . but one thing is sure those all photographs had human in them. It was not a conscious or any kind of deliberate attempt by me but you can say it was kind of natural of unconscious thing.

I took this photograph of Anjali Shekhawat yesterday night at Jawahar Kala Kendra ( It’s a multi arts centre) at Jaipur. I was there in the evening having some chit chat with fellow artists and then I suddenly saw the shadow of tree and leaves creating this interesting pattern here on the wall and ground. I felt like capturing it in my camera and Anjali was nearby only. I just spontaneously asked her if she can just go at that point sit and give a pose to me. She said yes and here is the shot in front of you.

The question which arrived in my mind is that does this unconscious habit of mine taking Human Centric Photographs have something to do with “Anthropocentric”?

Nana Ji.

Nana Ji (Grandfather) at Banipark, Jaipur.

Motorcycle Stunt at Indian Circus, Chaksu Village, Near Jaipur.

A Guy performing Motorcycle Stunt at Indian Circus, on the occasion of Sheetala Ashtami Fair at Chaksu Village, Near Jaipur.
A Guy performing Motorcycle Stunt at Indian Circus, on the occasion of Sheetala Ashtami Fair at Chaksu Village, Near Jaipur.

Indian Circus, Chaksu Village, Near Jaipur.

A Guy in the attire of Joker Welcoming to Indian Circus, which was performing on the occasion of Sheetala Ashtami Fair at Chaksu Village, Near Jaipur.
A Guy in the attire of Clown Welcoming to Indian Circus, which was performing on the occasion of Sheetala Ashtami Fair at Chaksu Village, Near Jaipur.

Devotee at Sheetala Ashtami Fair, Chaksu Village, Near Jaipur.

Devotee at Sheetala Ashtami Fair, Chaksu Village, Near Jaipur.
Devotee resting on the stairs of Sheetla Mata Temple on the Occasion of Sheetala Ashtami Fair, Chaksu Village, Near Jaipur.

Scintillating Performance at the Army Pageant.

Scintillating Performance at the Army Pageant.
Horse Trick Riding at the Army Pageant and Air Force Show.
Jaipur, 29 March: As a part of the ongoing celebration of ‘Rajasthan Festival’, Army Pageant and Indian Air Force Show was held at JDA Polo Ground today. The event was organised by Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan. The Home Minister, Government of Rajasthan, Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria was also present on the occasion.

The two-hour long Army Pageant began with the Welcome Song (Army Symphony Band) with Band March Past, Helicopter Fly Past and Para Motor Fly Past. This was followed by AIR Warriors Continuity Drill. Amazing equestrian coordination was showcased in the following Horse Trick Riding show which was performed on music by Army Symphony Band. Next, there was Para Commandos show which included – Slithering, Hostage Rescue, Free Fall Demo, Small Team Insertion and Extrication (STIE) and Artillery Gun Drill. This was followed by Kerela style, Kalaripayattu Martial Arts Display by the Madras Regiment Centre. Next, there was a Para Motor Show and a Motorcycle Display by ‘Tornadoes’. The program concluded with Mass Pipes and Drums Display which also included Drummer’s Call. There were also several songs performed by Army Symphony Band in between the different programs.

Jaipur Kathak Samaroh as the part of the Rajasthan Festival 2017.

Jaipur Kathak Samaroh as the part of the Rajasthan Festival 2017.
The view of the ‘Jaipur Kathak Samaroh’ today at the Central Park in Jaipur.
Jaipur, 27 March: The ‘Rajasthan Festival’ began today with a grand cultural extravaganza. The 2-day ‘Jaipur Kathak Samaroh’ began at 8 pm at the Central Park. The event was organized as the part of the ‘Rajasthan Festival’. The Chief Guest for the occasion were the Additional Chief Secretary, Tourism, Art & Culture, Government of Rajasthan, Mr. N.C. Goyal. There were performances of ‘Devi Stuti’, ‘Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh’, ‘Chaturang’ and ‘Thumri’. While ‘Devi Stuti’ and ‘Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh’ were presented by Jaipur Kathak Kendra under the direction of Dr. Rekha Thakar; ‘Chaturang’ and ‘Thumri’ were presented under the direction of Harish Gangani from Shri Ram Bhartiya Kala Kendra.

‘Devi Stuti’ showcased the victory of good over evil when Goddess Durga slaughters Asur. This was followed by ‘Kesariya Balam Padharo Mhare Desh’. The performance presented the moods of the women of Rajasthan. A part of the lives of these women go through separation when their heroes go abroad and fight in war. The performance showcased how beauty emerges from the various activities that the women do when their men come back from war, like getting dressed up, get excited and involve themselves in auspicious activities around the house.

Pankhudi - Petal

Pankhudi - Petal
Shot taken on 17 March 2017 at the premises of Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. where last minute decorations for “NAVRAS, a Performing Arts Festival” were on its way.

J.K.K. Presents the Second Edition of ‘NAVRAS’, a Performing Arts Festival.

Shot taken on 17 March 2017 at the premises of Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. where last minute decorations for “NAVRAS, a Performing Arts Festival” were on its way.
Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. is set to host the second edition of its performing arts festival, Navras. Spanning over a period of 9 days from March 18 to 26, the festival will present a series of rich and diverse productions of theatre, contemporary dance and Sufi, classical, pop and fusion music.  The varied programme has been put together, keeping in mind the interests of the audience.  

The idea, is also to give the audiences the chance to experience the arts and its impact in a range of spectacular spaces within the JKK premises.

The festival will open on 18 March with a performance by noted singer Shubha Mudgal and her band Koshish. Equally at ease with popular music and fusion projects, Shubha Mudgal is one of India’s acclaimed vocalists who has specialised in Hindustani classical music.

The days that follow will witness many artistic presentations including dance productions - Ganapati by Adishakti and Timeless by Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company, theatre productions – Kaumudi by Abhishek Majumdar and White Rabbit Red Rabbit by Nassim Soleimanpour, and music – sufi Kalam by Zila Khan  and classical by Shruti Sadolikar and Vidya Shah.

The premier of Phool Kesula Phool, a theatre production commissioned by JKK and directed by Rajasthan’s bright talent Rajendra Panchal will also be hosted during the festival. Last year JKK had invited proposals from theatre directors of Rajasthan and  Panchal’s proposal  was selected out of 40 such proposals. JKK will also be presentingTilchattey ki Diary, a play for children that was also commissioned in summer 2016. 

Key to this year’s programming is a shift from proscenium based theatre.  In an attempt to introduce the audience to alternative viewing strategies, several experimental productions have been invited to Navras.  For example, inWhite Rabbit Red Rabbit there is nothing between the actor and the audience – no directorial vision, no production design and no technical histrionics. The script is handed over to the artist on the stage and s/he then has to improvise and make it interactive; Dil -o- Danish, a long durational reading of Krishna Sobti’s celebrated novel about Delhi and the Ganga-Jamnitehzib of the city will be held in a specially conceived tent outdoors and as the audiences immerse themselves in the story of Delhi they also taste‘Dilli ka khaana’which will be served as a part of the reading.  Directed by Anuradha Kapur this work borders between theatre and a reading. 

The Legends of Khasak directed by the dynamic Deepan Sivaraman, is a bold and independent adaptation of the famous Malayalam novel KhasakkinteIthihasam (The Legends of Khasak) by O.V.Vijayan, which acquired the stature of latter-day mythology. Set up in an open-air arena on a large rectangular pit of loose earth with extensive use of fire, soil, water, scent, sky and a symbolic  use of huge realistic puppets and masks  that allow audiences to participate and experience the pleasures and tragedies that engulf one in "Khasak", this piece of theatre has created waves across the country and we are delighted to bring this large production to Jaipur.

In addition to the various performances above, there will be a small food court offering local food and a session of‘Meet the artist’ where the artists will interact with the audiences and media.

An exhibition, ‘Women on Record’ curated and designed by Parthiv Shah on 26 March. The exhibition which will run in the Museum Galleries 2 and 3 till the end of April. It is a showcase of the world of incredible women of the black and white era, of the Salon, the Tawaifs, stories, riddles, anecdotes, photographs and songs…The beginning of the world of entertainment of the gramophone era. This will be enunciated by a performance of classical music by Vidya Shah .

On 27 March, “The Theatre of Alkazi” exhibitioncurated by Amal Allana and designed by Nissar Allana will open as part of the Rajasthan Divas Celebrations and World Theatre Day. The exhibition will continue till the end of April in The Contemporary, JKK Museum Galleries. The exhibition is being supported by the Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan. Navras 2017 is also being supported by The Hilton, Jaipur as hospitality Partner.

Says Director General, JKK: “JKK is proud to present yet again, a variety of nationally acclaimed performances in music, dance and theatre to audiences in Jaipur.  If Navras means to have new experiences, then it is our endeavor that the audiences in Jaipur enrich themselves in experiencing theatre dance and music in new and diverse ways. We are also proud to showcase 2 commissioned theatre productions by JKK.”

Navras was launched in 2016 with music, dance and theatre programs spanning over a period of 8 days.

बारिश की वो तीन बूंदे।

याद है तुमको बारिश की वो तीन बूंदे, जिनको मैंने तुम्हें छूने की सज़ा दी थी।