Recently I got introduced to the word “Anthropocentric” it means regarding humankind as the central or most important element of existence. 

I am doing Photography from last 20 years and the first photograph which I took from my first SLR camera was of a young girl. In these 20 years I had took many shots other then my commercial work and 99% of them somehow had human in them, I used to call them Portraits, Street Photography, Photo Journalism and so on . . . but one thing is sure those all photographs had human in them. It was not a conscious or any kind of deliberate attempt by me but you can say it was kind of natural of unconscious thing.

I took this photograph of Anjali Shekhawat yesterday night at Jawahar Kala Kendra ( It’s a multi arts centre) at Jaipur. I was there in the evening having some chit chat with fellow artists and then I suddenly saw the shadow of tree and leaves creating this interesting pattern here on the wall and ground. I felt like capturing it in my camera and Anjali was nearby only. I just spontaneously asked her if she can just go at that point sit and give a pose to me. She said yes and here is the shot in front of you.

The question which arrived in my mind is that does this unconscious habit of mine taking Human Centric Photographs have something to do with “Anthropocentric”?

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