Kathak on Jaipur Foundation Day

Radhika Mohta as Krishna and other students of Dr. Swati Agarwal.
Radhika Mohta as Krishna and other students of Dr. Swati Agarwal.
A Beautiful performance of Kathak by Dr. Swati Agarwal and her Students at Govind DevJi  Temple today, on the occasion of 'Jaipur Foundation Day'.

Uncharted Seas by Aditi Mangaldas

Uncharted Seas by Aditi Mangaldas
Aditi Mangaldas with her students of Drishtikon performed “Uncharted Seas” Contemporary Kathak Dance performance at the Spicmacay Jaipur Festival “Music In The Park” on the eve of 9-Nov-2019.

I was thinking what to say about the performance other than that it was Brilliant. I saw her first performance ‘Widening Circles’ on 11-Dec-2016 that performance had left a big impression on me and I was keen to see her performance again. After approx 3 years got the chance and it was fantastic. When you see these types of performances you feel and understand how much effort would have been put behind the entire show. These efforts make your show stand out and tell the difference of professionals from amateurs. It doesn’t look good to talk about the age of “girls” but at this age the energy and performance of Aditi Mangaldas Ji was mind blowing. I would say this to all Kathak or Dance lovers that don’t ever miss the chance to witness her performance. 

About the Uncharted Seas from the Choreographer of Uncharted Seas Aditi Mangaldas.
“In the words of David Bohm, ‘The field of the finite is all that we can see, hear, touch, remember and describe. This field is basically that which is manifest or tangible. The essential quality of the infinite, by contrast, is it’s subtlety, it’s intangibility.’ The search for the intangible, may we call it God, truth, beauty, love or freedom, is the essence of UNCHARTED SEAS. Though I have separated the pieces, it is actually the entire production viewed in it’s entirety that tries to capture the essence of ‘SEARCH’. So each piece may or may not refer to all our queries. Some attempt to transform poetry into images or emotions. Others use abstractions of movement, light, space, rhythm, ambience to evoke images asking the same questions.”

Below are few Images from the performance. 

Pondicherry A big NO by Me.

Pondicherry A big NO for Me.

A Big NO To Pondicherry or Puducherry whatever you call it.

Yes you read it right, from childhood I had listen and read many stories about Pondicherry, Saw some beautiful movies shot in Pondicherry and always had a dream to go there once. But all those Dreams shattered as I entered the Pondicherry. 

Pondicherry is very very small place, it is 492 square kilometer or you can say 20 X 24.6 Km including everything, it ends before it starts (Just for your reference Goa is 3,702 square km). It is a Poor Union Territory with no Development visible if compared to the other states of India. The Local people are good but it is surrounded by Tamil Nadu. People from Tamil Nadu come to Pondicherry for cheap Booz and create nuisance and crimes. This is the reason why this place is not even safe. 

I with my wife and kid had stayed in Puducherry for 5 days and had tried Ola and Cab from Make my Trip. Drivers from both the services were Pathetic, Rude and Cheat. I am not saying that everyone there is like that but the four Drivers I came in Contact in first four Days were like that only and had spoiled the fun and feeling of the trip. Then I searched the Google and found “Udaya Tourist Cab Rental”, he had very good ratings so I called Mr. Udaya. I inquired about a site seeing package with drop at Chennai he said 4500 which was 1000 bucks more for what other people had asked for same package. Then I told him about my situation he understood and assured me of the Professionalism of Driver and cleanliness of cab and I booked him. Which turned out to be a good decision. For a simple decent service which we get most of the time in North India on the basic fare only but to get that also in Pondicherry we have to pay premium. Even after reading this you decide to go to Pondicherry with family then book cabs from here.

There is not a one good tourist attraction here, believe me I am a photographer and loves taking pictures but even after visiting all the Tourist Points here I had not even bothered to bring out camera from my bag (below you will see lot of pictures but they are of my Resort, Room and from the Life at the Beach in front of my resort). 

In the name of French Architecture there is just one and a half small street and that’s it. In the name of French Bakeries in Pondicherry you will find one good spot "Baker Street" and that’s it. I found Coromandel Cafe interesting but its bit on expensive side.

So on the whole you have nothing to do in Pondicherry except relax at your resort and stroll on the beach. On the Name of Beach Resorts there are very few of them and most of the Beaches in front of them are Dirty. The Best Beach Resort in Pondicherry is “Le Pondy Beach Resort” which is obviously very expensive. They had kept their personal staff to clean the beach in front of their property.

So we stayed 4 nights at Luxury Pool Villa of Le Pondy Beach Resort which saved my trip. If we didn’t even had the property and beach in front of it to enjoy then surely we would have had a very very bad trip. But on the whole saved by the Luxury Pool Villa and Beach area in front of Le Pondy Beach Resort.

On the whole Pondicherry is big No by me.

Caution - People will say that they had enjoyed Pondicherry or they had enjoyed this resort or that resort of Pondicherry. Don’t forget to ask them in detail 99% of them had just had a brief visit to Pondicherry and rest of the time had enjoyed the Big and Beautiful beach Resorts “Near” Pondicherry which are not in Pondicherry. For example “Taj Fisherman's Cove Resort & Spa” is famous as the Pondicherry resort but in reality it is near Chennai and 2hr 30min away from Pondicherry.

Below I am posting pictures as I took them . . .  

All the Pictures are from
Camera - Canon EOS M50
Lens - EF-M15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM