Communal Politics is Ruining India.

Christmas Jaipur Street Mobile Photography and how Communal Politics is Ruining India.
Yesterday evening when I was coming home I saw this guy on red light selling these Santa Caps. I took this Mobile Shot and a cap for my Kid (I am a Hindu and Santa has already got few Gifts for my kid this month). On the way I was thinking that every year we celebrate Christmas in such a big way in Jaipur and every year it’s growing Bigger and Bigger. You will see all the market and the city in the festive color of Christmas at this time of year. So I was thinking like what is the population of Christians in Jaipur? I Googled my query and the Jaipur Population Census 2011 Data came in front of me.

I was shocked after seeing the result, according to the Jaipur Population Census 2011 Data.

Total Population of Jaipur was 6,626,178 in 2011 out of which
Total Population of Hindus in Jaipur was 5,819,980 in 2011
and Total Population of Christians in Jaipur was only 12,708 in 2011
And still if you come to Jaipur at this time of year you will feel like entire city is celebrating the Christmas.

Mean while I reached home and there was smile on my face, I was thinking that all this propaganda of Communal Politics in India is not true now and Time is changing. Had dinner and went to bed, opened the twitter to check any last minute interesting news and saw this article “Hindu group disrupt Christmas celebrations in Rajasthan.” by a Journalist friend of mine Tabeenah Anjum who works for Deccan Herald.

Ah. . . this was enough for ruining my good mood. These were just 5 to 8 guys trying to get easy fame through Communal Politics and ended up in defaming the entire Hindu Ideology of Love and peace.

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