Bharatnatyam recital entitled ‘Nritpriya’.

Bharatnatyam recital Nritpriya Angeekam Dance Institute
Bharatnatyam recital entitled ‘Nritpriya’ took place today on Friday (24 November) at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur. 

Renowned artiste Dr. Gyanendra Dutt Bajpayee, who is a disciple of Padmabhushan Guru Saroja Vaidyanath, has performed at the event.

‘Nrittpriya’ essentially means lover of dance and the movements in the performance were dedicated to the Lord of Dance – Lord Shiva. It is worth noting that Dr. Gyanendra has performed over 5,000 times in India and has also presented his dance abroad.

The programme had been held in collaboration with Aangekam Dance Institute. The artiste and dancers performed under the direction of Ms. Nikita Mudgal who is the founder of Angeekam Dance Institute.
Dr Gyanendra Dutt Bajpai Bharatnatyam Dancer
Dr. Gyanendra Dutt Bajpai

Bharatnatyam recital Nritpriya Angeekam Dance Institute

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