12 Tips for Successful Fireworks Photography

12 Tips for Successful Fireworks Photography
Hello friends Happy Diwali and I know most of my friends in India will going to enjoy lot of Fire Works tonight and some of them will even try to Capture it. So for those who will be trying to capture those Fireworks extravaganza tonight in India here are the Best 12 tips for fireworks photography which will make your work a lot easy. 

For all those new bees who will try to shoot fireworks today for first  time keep in mind that it’s all about practice and experiments there is no shortcut. When I started to capture fireworks I also made lot of mistakes, the initial results were very bad but eventually I learned from my mistakes and finally able to click the results I was looking for. 

12 tips for fireworks photography

1 First of all I will say that the first thing you need for a crisp firework shot is a sturdy tripod. Firework Photography is majorly a work of slow shutter speed and if you will not be having a proper tripod then there is a lot of chance that Photographs will turn out blurry. 

2 When doing Firework Photography don’t rely on the exposure meter of your camera, it will not going to help you in anyway. Just put your camera in manual mode.

3 Whenever you have game to play with Shutter speed then always keep low ISO like 100. Cause already long exposures gives you noise in picture and on top of that if you will use higher ISO your Image will be filled with Noise.

4 Aperture from f5.6 to f11 is best for Firework Photography rest depends upon the kind of results you are looking for I always keep it near f11.
12 Tips for Successful Fireworks Photography

5 To start with keep your Shutter Speed between 1/6 to 1 seconds. Then you can adjust it according to your preference after going through results.

6 Always use manual focus for Firework Photography and try to keep the shot in focus well in advance.

7 Just don’t click Firework, try to frame your shot try to add elements like in the first picture. The firework is getting compliment from the historical architecture of Jaipur and vice versa, The combination of both things has given a beautiful result.

8 Try to complete your shoot early in the night because after few hours the sky will be filled with smoke and it will give you hazy feel.

9 Look and Keep the Location in the mind from where you will shoot before the firework starts it will save you from last minute rush. 

10 Always check for the wind direction before the firework starts and always stand against the wind so that smoke doesn’t come towards you.

11 When I started Photography way back, it was the time of negatives and reviewing your click used to take few days. But in today’s Digital World it is lot simpler and my Guru Mantra for my students is “Shoot – Review – Adjust and Repeat”

12 Last but the most Important Tip is that when you are there clicking just enjoy. Photography is more about the beautiful memories. Don’t get much into technical stuff on the cost of your valuable time with your family. The last picture of this post is technically totally wrong but this is one of my fav picture clicked from mobile camera.
12 Tips for Successful Fireworks Photography

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