What is Photography?

Photography is one of the most famous and misunderstood word of our times. The cheap DSLRs had made every next guy a photographer and had given free licence to kill. I will say this is criminal, just like buying cheap paint & brushes can't make you a Painter so is the case here. The affordable cameras, easy output and glamour attached with Photography has attracted lots of people to it, without even thinking what exactly they are stepping into. Most of these newbie’s thinks that Photography is just clicking pictures and all you want to have is good camera and editing skills and kaboom you are next Picasso in Photography. This is one of the biggest myths of our times. The reason why this myth exists is because of the lack of education especially in India. In last few decades what happen is that people started believing that economics has the upper hand on the art and all the concentration had been put into how to earn more and more. It became a general thinking that artists don't have good financial and stable future. So the parents forced their children into the most milking careers according to them if the child is good in studies he is forced to take science and become Doctor or Engineer if child is average in studies he is forced to take commerce and if he is bad in studies then only he will take arts. So instead of interest choosing career was determined by the social pressure and how good are you in this mechanical education system. So now here is how all this has became a big problem. At the age where a child should have chosen the career according to his interest he had chosen it on the social pressure. And when they become old enough to rebel and they feels like that they have inclination towards art and wants to become artist. They see Photography as the easiest entry in the art because of the instant output due to the technology and they enter into Photography without any basic knowledge of arts. Ok ok got bit diverted from the subject let's come back to the subject.

Definition of Photography - Photography is technique of capturing the light with the help of camera.
To elaborate it more Photography is a technique to present your creativity or art in form of pictures with the help of instrument known as camera.

To understand Photography first we have to understand what is art? Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power or for the expression of important ideas or feelings. So basically we can say art is the expression of human creativity. There are many ways to express ones creativity but keeping Photography in context let’s stick to visual art. So now it will be easy for you to understand when I will say that Photography is 100% of Painting just with the help of different tools instead of paint and brush. All the genre in Photography are taken from the Paint Art only and that is what exactly a Photograph is "A Painting". So now some of you may ask that how is that possible in painting we can paint what we can imagine but in Photography we capture what is in front of us? I will say read the definition of Photography once again. Photography is not capturing a moment or something that is in front of you but Photography is capturing the light it is a technique to do painting with the help of light. It is the light you are capturing not the moment or thing so if you can get master on the light you can photograph what is in your imagination. I will say that Photography is much tougher then the painting because of the time consistent. In Photography you have to be ready with your all knowledge of art at all the time cause most of the times you have to take decisions in fraction of second for what and how to shoot. If you lose the moment you will lose the great shot. 

So if we have to learn or want to understand real Photography then we have to learn and understand the visual art. Mastering the camera settings can make you good drafts man just like many people earn their living by copying the famous paintings which is also known as plagiarism. But to become a real photographer or painter, to create your own masterpiece, you have to have knowledge of Art's first.

If you have any questions you can ask them on comments below, I would try my best to answer them as fast as possible.  You can also share the links of your pictures you clicked after reading tutorial, that will surely help you me and newbie’s. The best way to learn is to do experiments, feel free to share these free tutorials because more you share more you learn.
Happy Clicking. . . :)


  1. I totally agreed with you Manav bhaiya. Anyone never understand photography till you switch from Auto Mode to Manual Mode.

  2. I totally agreed with you Manav bhaiya. Anyone never understand photography till you switch from Auto Mode to Manual Mode.

  3. So true, plus the umpteen number of softwares that enhance the photo beyond a certain limit, add to the damage!

  4. Thank you Manav, browsing artistic presentation's topic, I came to your post. Very good contents(I love your captions). Now, I am proud to have such blogger of my interest in Jaipur. Thank you for sharing great things. Keep walking, keep framing and keep expressing.
    Devesh Sharma
    Sanganer, Jaipur


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