The size of Family.

The size of Family.
I met this guy recently at one of the Sanganer Print Factory, when I was there on a shoot for a garment brand. I had spent some good amount of time there so got a chance to interact with him and other workers. You will be amazed to find out that many of them earn more money than many M.B.A. graduates nowadays but still live in very bad conditions. When I dug more about the reason behind their poor living conditions after such a good earning, one of the reasons I found is that they are the only earning member of their family and they send most of the money to their family in villages. You must be thinking most of the city graduates also support their families but still live in better conditions? Answer is simple “The size of Family”, When a city graduate talks about family it generally means nuclear family setup but When these worker talk about family it means Grand Parents, Parents, 3 or 4 Siblings, Wife and few Children. 

A country where children are considered as a gift of god and talking about condom is taboo in itself needs hell lot of effort to educate people about family planning. Otherwise no amount of money can bring good living conditions to them.

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