Thirsty Monkey and Modern Science.

Thirsty Gray langur and Modern Science.
Gray langur are common in India and so is the thirst for Water. It’s not just about the India but most of the countries in World are going through the crisis of clean water. Water is the basic necessity and after so much modernization, industrialization and so on . . . World is still going through the crisis of clean water? 

Just think about it are the Scientists from around the globe are so dumb that they can come up with innovations we can’t even imagine but they can’t come up with a solution for our basic necessity clean water? Even these Langurs in India have evolved and urbanized so much that they know how to open a tap to drink water and then when they are done they close the tap. But Scientists are still in the search for the solution of clean water or is someone stopping them from providing us the solution?

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