Message of the Mahatma.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi - Charcoal on Paper.

Art Camp and Short Film Screening on 100 years of Champaran Movement of Mahatama Gandhi.

Rajasthan Adult Education Association in association with White Canvas organised one day painting camp and 4 days sculpture camp on the theme 'Message of the Mahatma'. 70 Painters and 15 sculptor artists  from all over India created on this theme. Artists depicted different forms of Gandhi and Gandhian values on different medium. 

The camp was held at in the lush green lawns of Rajasthan Adult Education Association (RAEA), situated in Jhalana, Jaipur. In the morning  of 5th September an orientation lecture was held for the artists which was done by Chairman of RAEA Ramesh Thanvi. Also a short film ‘Kalamkhush’, by Himanshu Vyas depicting Gandhi was screened for the artists and participants at 9:30AM. 

"There is a meaningful relation between education and art. This event is an experiment of linking the Gandhian idea with various art forms. As  Mahatama ji said "my life is my message", he himself was the embodiment of values and ideals. All artists were free to pick up any message from his life, either symbolize it or recreate it, may be real or in abstract form,”  Ramesh Thanvi, Chairperson of RAEA said.

The painting and sculpture camp was held to mark the 100 years of Champaran peasant movement a part of the wider struggle for independence, by Gandhiji when returned from South Africa. The Champaran peasant movement was launched in 1917-18.

The ongoing sculpture camp was also got over on September 5th which was started on 2nd September 2017. Camp was inaugurated by famous art critic Varsha Das on September 2nd.

The senior artists present at the camp were RB Gautam, OM Thanvi, Daniel Connell, Ranbir Sinh, Harishankar Balothia and SK Bhatt. Senior artists while interacting with the participants told them about the idea of art for GandhiJi.

Sanjana Sen

Sanjana Sen
Sanjana Sen Brand Ambassador for Miss Rajasthan Makeup by Silverine Spa And Salon

Aparna Singh

Aparna Singh
Miss Rajasthan  Contestant Aparna Singh, Makeup by Silverine Spa and Salon.

Breakfast at Tapri, Jaipur.

Breakfast at Tapri, Jaipur.
Recently me and my wife went for Breakfast at Tapri, Lal Kothi, Jaipur. I ordered Poha & Masala Tea and my wife ordered Vada pav. In the meantime our food was getting prepared I was telling my wife that Your choice of Vada pav as breakfast is not good. You should have gone for something less spicy or healthier and so on. . . Our food came and I started preparing my Poha with Bhujiya and my wife interrupted, for me Vada pav and spicy are bad but for you bhujiya is ok for breakfast? I said :-  “Haven’t you read it in school that Bhujiya is staple food of Marwadis”.

After that we enjoyed our Breakfast which was Hot, Fresh and Tasty. It cost us 400Rs which was not very pocket friendly for me. But If price is not an issue for you then you should surely give it a try.

Address: Tapri - 43, Tonk Road, Everest Colony, Lal Kothi, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015
Hours: Open today · 7:30AM–8:30PM
Phone: 0141 410 1712


It was drizzling and my car was parked just in front of these two near World Trade Park, Jaipur. The reason why I am sharing this shot is that, this woman was scolding this dog and he was listening to her like he was guilty of something. That’s what caught my attention and I tried to capture it.

Dancing the Gods - Kathak performance by Rashmi Uppal

Dancing the Gods - Kathak performance by Rashmi Uppal
"Times Jaipur Festival"
Dancing the Gods - Kathak performance by Rashmi Uppal at Harishchandra Totuka Bhawan, Jaipur. 

BJP President Amit Shah in Jaipur.

BJP chief Amit Shah in Jaipur.
Hoardings, Cutouts, Flags . . . . everywhere in Jaipur to Welcome BJP President Amit Shah. Who has landed in Jaipur for his 3 day Rajasthan Visit.

आज बड़ी मुख़्तसर सी बारिश थी।

आज बड़ी मुख़्तसर सी बारिश थी।
में सोचता हूँ की कोई भी बारिश मुकम्मल तब तलक नहीं हो सकती जब तक उसे महसूस न किया जाए। एक बारिश को मुकम्मल उसे महसूस करने वाला ही बनाता है। अगर किसी बारिश को कोई महसूस करने वाला नहीं तो वो बस पानी की कुछ बूंदो की एक मुख़्तसर सी कहानी बन के खो जाती है। आज की बारिश शायद एक ऐसी ही मुख़्तसर सी कहानी थी, जिसका होना बस होने के लिए था। 

वरना आप ही सोचिये क्या कभी ऐसा हो सकता हे की बारिश हो और कोई एहसास पैदा न हो? एहसास होंगे तो उसे महसूस करने वाले भी होंगे और बारिश खुद ब खुद मुकम्मल हो जाएगी। एक ज़माना था जब बारिशें होती थी और एहसास खुद ब खुद पैदा हो जाते थे। कहीं ऐसा तो नहीं आज कल की बारिशों में एहसास पैदा करने वाला जज़्बा ही नहीं रहा? क्या ये भी हमारी तरह आधुनिकता की दौड़ में अपने होने के असल कारण को ही भूल गयी? 

हाँ यही कारण सही जान पड़ता है, शायद आज कल की बारिशें भी आधुनिक हो गयीं। 


Shot taken at the Studio of Arvind Jodha and Anjali Shekhawat.  #MobilePhotography

Caged for Amusement.

Caged for Amusement at a Resort on Jaipur - Delhi Highway.