Brijnidhi ji Mandir

Brijnidhi ji Mandir
very interesting historical event is responsible for the construction of this temple. Maharaja Pratap Singh was a staunch devotee of Lord Govind Dev Ji. It is said that the Maharaja could see and talk vis-à-vis Shri Govind Dev Ji. In those days Vazid Ali Shah, the Nawab of Avadh killed the Vice Roy of the British empire. The British Raj Proclaimed that the Nawab was its enemy. Fleeing Avadha, the Nawab came to Jaipur and sought asylum at the count of the Maharaja who granted him an asylum and swore in the name of Govind Dev Ji in the presence of the deity that he would not hand him over to the Britishers. Later, the Maharaja was hard pressed by the Britishers and his own Prime Minister Daulat Ram and under duress he handed over the Nawab to the Britishers after executing some memorandum of understanding.

Now that the Maharaja had broken his solemn vow, his deity Shri Govind Dev Ji would no longer give him his darshan nor would talk as before. This made the Maharaja panitent and forlorn and gave up food and water to expiate his sin. One day in his dream the Maharaja was told by Lord Govind Dev Ji that he should construct a new temple of Shri Braj Nidhi Ji in his palace and Shri Braj Nidhi Ji would keep on appearing in his dreams. Following this the Maharaja constructed this temple in the year 1849 Vikram Samvat (1792 A.D.). The idol was with ceremony installed on Friday, the eighth of the bright of the month of Baisakh. 

The temple has been built in Haveli style. The temple has castle like gates high and magnificent, an elevated inner gate, wide and open chowk and Jagmohan mandap .One feels here as though one has entered the high and imposing royal palaces.

The citizens of Jaipur call this temple as Brajnand ji temple, otherwise this is renowned as Braj Nidhi. The style of architecture which was employed when the city of Jaipur was built, reaches its culmination in the times of Maharaja Pratap Singh and this is well reflected here.Lord krishna and his consort Radha.

Location: Chandni Chowk

God Worshipped: Shri Krishna and Radhika

Built in the year:  1849 (1792 A.D.)  By Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh Ji

Morning Time: 6.00 am to 10.30 am

Evening Time: 6.00 pm to 8.15 pm

Brijnidhi ji Mandir

Brijnidhi ji Mandir

Brijnidhi ji Mandir

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