Sheetla Ashtami Festival

Main Entrance for Sheetla Mata Fair.
Rajasthan is Colorful and so are its Fairs and Festivals. There are many Different kind of fairs and Festivals being celebrated in Rajasthan and One of them is “Sheetla Ashtami Festival” which is also known as “Baseda”. Although its Celebrated all across the Rajasthan but its best Celebrated at Chaksu a small Town near Jaipur, Aprox 35 Km from Jaipur. There is a big temple of Sheetla Mata near Chaksu and at this Festival Time this temple gets surrounded by many kind of different Street stalls, Entertainment booths and Traders. You can shop many handmade things here and even Some Cattles if you like. Thousands of Villagers from nearby villages come here to Worship and Celebrate this Festival. Sheetla Ashtami is Celebrated during the Spring time After 7 Days of Holi. Next year date of this festival is 24th March 2014

"Sheetla Mata" is known as the Goddess of Small Pox And its Common belief that worshiping Sheetla Mata on Sheetla Ashtmi will save you from many Diseases, Specially Kids. Preparation of this festival starts one day before Sheetla Ashtami. It is a ritual that no one will eat anything hot on the day of Sheetla Ashtami so the Devotees make food one day before. Everything which is offered to Goddess has to be Cool in nature that’s why this Festival is also known as “Baseda”. 

I would say that this is a Nice place to be at this time, you can enjoy many things here and you can have the real feel of Rural Rajasthan here. Highly Recommended.
Started the Day with Morning Tea.
Personal Hygiene and looking Good is very important so Shave at Portable Beauty Saloon.

Sheetla Mata Temple.
Prasad Stalls (Sacred food Offering for God), If you had forgot to Bring it with you then you can buy it from here.
Way to “Sheetla Mata Temple” as temple was on Small Hill.
Relaxing Point On the way.
Prasad (Sacred Food) Offering for Sheetla Mata. Also known as the Food of Baseda
Inside pic of Sheetla Mata temple but the Idol is bit hid under all the Offerings and Flowers.
Getting Down From Temple.
Fancy Toys for Kids & Some Spicy Snacks.
Hand Made Iron Tools
Indian Circus Just for your Entertainment.
Local Shop for Betel nuts, Pans, Tobacco & Miscellaneous Items.
Just Horsing Around.
World Famous Tattoo Artist. Price Starts with just 5rs for a Small Permanent Tattoo.
Tattoo Artist at Work.
Decoration Items for “Camel Cart” & other Animals.
Hand Made Iron Tools & Utensils.
Shopping Stalls for Women’s. 
Fresh Sugarcane Juice.
Local Delicacies Prepared Freshly in Front of you.
World Famous Magician Golden Samrat.
Ok I had paid 70 bucks for this Parking.

By Manav Singhi


  1. Wonder pics and the information shared OJ. Yes the holy calender of Hindus will start from the month Shravan onwards, looking forward to all the festivals this year

  2. Wonderful images from the mela.

  3. Wow! I have always loved Rajashthan! The pictures are so vibrant!

  4. Beautiful, colorful and loved knowing the custom of this festival. We also celebrate it, could see the difference :)

  5. bright and colourful captures :)

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