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Friends I am not a writer but would like to share the most shocking experience of my life.

7 yrs ago I saw her first glimpse back when I was a teacher and she was my student. Sometimes in life you come across such people who are hard to forget. She is one such person. I had never seen a girl with more energy, excitement in her eyes as she would conquer the whole world, unaware of her own ravishing exquisite beauty. She was perfect naïve 18 yrs old girl.

Soon I became her mentor and she started confiding in me with all her problems. As an agony uncle which she used to often call me I initiated in directing and shaping her future but soon with due course of time and distance we got busy in our own life’s. Were we used to communicate on a daily basis soon the calls became occasional and then they stopped. None of us realized till yesterday.

I was consuming my time in a book shop when I suddenly saw this face, it was so familiar, and I went down the memory lane to recognize it. It took me less than a minute to be totally shocked or you can say horrified. I couldn’t believe my eyes as if I was seeing a complete different person. Her delicate, glowing skin has now turned pale. Deep dark circle and wrinkles has taken over her enthusiasm and excitement. The charm which was her attribute has now left her completely and she was looking nothing more than a mere human skeleton. Yes she is the same girl I was earlier talking about.

Seeing each other brought back so many memories. Where she was exhibiting no emotions after seeing me I on other hand was juggling with my confusions about what has happened with her. After a lot of persuasion she finally agrees to have a coffee with me. I was eager to know her story but it seems that she had build an iron wall around her in which even I was not allowed. Still I tried my level best to bring her to a comfortable zone, to open up and talk. Reminded her of old days where she used to discuss everything with me. Finally I saw a crack in that wall, I saw a tear in her eyes, and then what she told me was just unbelievable.

4 yrs ago when we both started walking on our separate paths and got busy in shaping our future she met a boy and she fell in love. It was all very beautiful and the days were all about rainbows and unicorns. One fine day enjoying their romance they decided to have a drink at his place. As innocent she was thought it would be great fun and she will enjoy herself to the fullest only to find out later that this became her biggest nightmare. They both were very committed to each other and have planned a lot about their future. After a couple of drinks they started to make love to each other, It was all new to her she was all excited and she also didn’t hesitate as she has already considered him to be her partner. After that night a year passed by, and once who were lovers are now strangers they broke up.

Then one fine day she got unwell. She went to the doctor for check up only to find out that she is HIV positive. As she was diagnosed on an early stage she did not had AIDS and medically she was capable of treatment. With the help of medicine she would have lived her life normally but emotionally she was broken to a level u and I could not even imagine. Psychologically she was labeled under severe depression and a nervous breakdown. It is so difficult for me to put in words what she would have gone through. How her life was shattered in a split of a second. After that incident she was unable to pull back her life and herself together. Being the only pampered child of her parents with her shattered the entire family and society left no stone unturned to make situation more devastating.

With this story friend all I wanted to communicate is that I am not against Sex but please for god sake when we are so educated then why do we behave so immaturely. Use protection. It’s your life and it’s in your hand to save it or destroy it.

I would appreciate it very much if you would share this story with everyone.

Manav Singhi
By Manav Singhi

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