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Do you see the small Hill in the back, Me and my Buddy we Walked all the way from there in water and morass Just to click some Flamingos from close. That day we had walked more than 12km. and at the end we loved it. For More Pics from that trip Check this link. .
I Manav Singhi is a Visual  Artist and I am based in Jaipur, India. I specialize in Portraiture, Product and Conceptual Art. I believe my profession is about passion, love and nature. I am grateful for the privilege of being able to pursue this profession that I enjoy immensely. For me this is a Art through which I can show the Beauty of this World to Others. . . .:)
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As I enjoy Photography and Jaipur is one of the Beautiful destination for Photography, So many of times I Usually Just go out and Capture the Beauty of Jaipur. Then One day my Friend Suggested me that why don't I share all this with World. . . . . Then the idea of writing this Blog Clicked to me. The basic thinking about this blog is to Share the Right and Useful Information with Travelers so that they can see and appreciate the Beauty of Our Jaipur. If you have any queries regarding Jaipur Please feel Free to Contact me, I will attempt to reply your queries within 48 Hrs!!!

By Manav Singhi


  1. Great to know more about u!! You are a great photographer...
    Let's talk about everything

  2. Wow thats a long walk doll.

  3. I have been to Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, but never been to Jaipur. I think I will get in touch with you whenever I plan my trip to Jaipur. :) And I agree with you that 'if you are not self-obsessed you are boring'!

    1. Yes Sure I would love to help you Renuka. . . :)


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