Pushkar, Camel Fair.

Pushkar Fair or you can Say World’s Largest Camel Fair is happening this year from 10th to 17th November 2013, Dates of 2014 are 30th October to 6th November and Dates of 2015 are 18th November to 25th November. Also Known as Pushkar ka Mela is the annual five-day camel and livestock fair. Pushkar is 14km from Ajmer and 140km from Jaipur, Best way to go to Pushkar is by Car from Jaipur it takes approx 3hr, or you can also take public vehicle like Bus or Train from Jaipur to Ajmer and then from Ajmer to Pushkar this Journey will going to take approx 4 to 5 hours. Pushkar Fair is one of its kind and you have to see it to believe it.

Pushkar Fair or Camel Fair or Pushkar ka Mela started as a meeting place for the entire Villagers’ from around the nearby areas to trade their Camels and horses at a single place once a year, Approximately you can see more than 20 thousand Camels at the Peak of the Fair. This Fair is hundreds of years old, no one knows how it started or when. Pushkar Fair happens at the time from the Kartik ekadashi to Kartik Poornima which is known as the most sacred time to take Dip in the Holy Lake of Pushkar which Rejuvenate your Mind and Soul and one of the Holiest thing to do. As looking at its popularity among the tourists from around the globe Government also started managing many cultural activities and Events at the fair time. On the whole in Pushkar Fair you can see the True Colors of Rajasthan and it is Paradise for Photographers. Accommodation at the time of Pushkar Fair is bit Tight so if you are one of those Delicate Darlings who can’t live without 5star property then please have booking in Advance. As Pushkar is known as a Holy place at most of the Places Alcohol and Smoking is Prohibited but you can enjoy that in your rooms and the hotels in Country side. One more Thing “Grass” is Green in Pushkar. . . :P

Pushkar is a small town in Ajmer district, Rajasthan, India. It is approx 15km from Ajmer and 140km from Jaipur which is the the Nearest Airport, Pushkar is also known as “Tirth Raj” the king or Pilgrimages and is one of the five sacred dhams (pilgrimage site) for Hindus. In recent years it has became one of the most famous Tourist Destinations in India. Pushkar is known as one of the oldest existing cities in India on the shore of Pushkar Lake, the date of its actual origin is not known. There are many Legends associated with Pushkar but the most common is that once Lord Brahma killed a Demon and in that process a Petal from his lotus dropped here in Pushkar which formed the Pushkar Lake. So it is believed that taking Dip in the Holy Lake of Pushkar will give you lots of benefits including Salvation. It is said that Puskar has more than 500 temples and 50 Ghats Surrounding the Pushkar Lake. The Most famous temple in Pushkar is the Temple of Brahma which is known to be built in 14th Century. The name of Pushkar also arrives in the Mahabharata which is known to be thousands of years old.
You are Just looking at 1/5th of the Pushkar Fair Ground Area.
Camels at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Morning Food preparation for Camel at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Morning Time at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Camels at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Morning get together at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Camels at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Men bringing his Camels at  Pushkar Camel Fair.
Camels at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Get Together.
Camels at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Bit Thirsty Having some Water at Pushkar Camel Fair.
It's India There has to be a Snake Charmer Somewhere. . . :p
Washing Hands at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Just a Portrait I Like at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Shaving Time at Pushkar Camel Fair.
 Pushkar Camel Fair.
At Pushkar Camel Fair you can find Photographers from around the Globe & their Cameras & latest equipment's.
Colorful Stall at Pushkar Camel Fair.
I found him all alone, lost and lonely in the Crowd of Thousands of Camels at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Bit Hairy at Pushkar Camel Fair.
Panorama of Pushkar lake.
Cow at Pushkar Lake.
Idol of Kali at Pushkar Lake.
Baba at Pushkar Lake.
I like this Cow and Calf at Pushkar Lake.
Stairs to Market from Pushkar Lake.
Pushkar Lake.
Pushkar Market.
I met these beautiful Eyes in a Local Bus.
This was my first click from my first SLR Camera in 1998 in Pushkar.

By Manav Singhi


  1. Heard about this mela but never attended. Thank for giving such a beautiful pictorial journey.

  2. I went to pushkar as a child, never heard of this fair.. I 'll surely vist it next year
    Happy Sunday
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