Teej Festival - 2014 Jaipur.

Teej Festival is celebrated Two days for which Thousands of Tourists from all around the World gather in Jaipur to Celebrate Teej and to also witness A royal and colourful procession which is taken out in Old Jaipur City it is commonly known as "Teej Maata Ki Savari". Procession Starts from Tripolia Gate at around 6PM. The procession Includes Performance from many Rajasthani folk artists, many kind of decorated animals, music band and at the last of procession the Idol of Teej Mata with the covered canopy Comes in the View.

Dates for Teej Festival 2015 - 17th -18th August

Glimpses of Teej Festival 2014 - 30 July & 31 July
Colour full Rajasthan
Dancer at Teej procession
Kalbelia Dancer at Teej procession
Teej mata ki Sawari
Royal Guards of Teej mata
Dancers at Teej Procession
Decorated Horses at Teej
Kalbelia Dancers
Guy with Biggest Moustache in world
Tajia - Tazia
The way Tajia is carried
Drummers at Teej and Tajia Procession
Smoking Bidi in free Time
Trumpet player
Trumpet Player -Taj Band
Ranga & Billa
Spectators of Teej Procession
Dancers at Teej
Nat Preparing for Teej
Getting Ready
He is on
Playing flute and enjoying
Bullock cart
Camels and Guns
Musician on bullock cart
Foreign tourist enjoying with local dancers
Idol of Teej Mata.

About The Teej
Teej-“The festival of swings” marks the arrival of monsoon, Essentially its a women’s festival.  Teej Festival which is celebrated this time is known as Hariyali Teej or Singhara Teej or Choti Teej. There are total of three Teej’s celebrated in a year Hariyali Teej, Kajari Teej and Hartalika Teej. Basically on all the Teej’s Married Women keep fast for the Long life, Good Health and Prosperity of their Husband and Unmarried Girls do fasting to get Good Husband. All these three Teej’s are associated with Goddess Parvati and her Husband Shiva. All the Fasting and Worshiping is Done to Make the Goddess Parvati Happy and get her blessings for their Husband or Would-be. Every Teej is celebrated with different Customs and Procedures but this Teej is celebrated Grandly.

Hariyali Teej translated in English (Greenery Teej) and as the name suggest is a celebration of Greenery. This Occasion takes place at the monsoon time so with Greenery everywhere it also becomes time to Welcoming the Rain God Indra. All this Wonderful weather and Happy atmosphere brings out everyone close to nature where people gathers in group and go for Picnic’s do lot of Outdoor activities sing songs, dance, enjoy Swings and celebrate.
On Hariyali Teej all Women gets lot of importance from everyone. Women get gifts, new clothes, ornaments from Elders in Family and Married gets all these from their Mother-in -Law. This day which is also called "Sindhare" is celebrated one day prior to Teej. Women’s apply Mehndi on the hands and new clothes are worn. It is believed auspicious to wear green coloured clothes and green bangles on this day as a symbol of thanking God Indra, who has brought greenery all around.

Glimpses of Teej Festival 2013

R.T.D.C. (Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation) also Organise a Four day Teej Celebration to mark the occasion. This Event take place at Jawahar Kala Kendra and starts Two days before the  main Teej Festival, This year it was from (7 Aug 2013 - 10 Aug 2013) from Afternoon to Late in the Evening. At this Event you can witness lot of Folk Dances, Folk music, Rajasthani Local Art, You can Enjoy Rajasthani Food, you Can buy Rajasthani Stuff Handicraft Items and Can enjoy The way Rajasthanis Enjoy.
Shehnai is an Indian Instrument played on auspicious occasions at the Entrance of the Premises and playing of Shehnai is known as Shehnai Vadan.
The Look and feel of Beautifully Decorated Fair Ground.
Beautifully Decorated Huts/Stalls at Fair Ground (Jawahar kala Kendra).
Lights and Decorative Handicraft Items Hanging from Trees.
Steps in Kalbelia Dance Performance.
Kachi Ghodi Dance Performance in Middel of Public.
Acrobatic on tight rope
Frorign Tourist Enjoying Dance with Rajasthani Dancers.
Pot making on Potters Wheel.
Ayaan Ali Khan Playing Sarod at Teej Festival at Jawahar kala Kendra.

Bhavai is a rajasthani folk dance, The male or female performers balance Pots Glasses and other Items on their head as they dance bare foot on Broken glass, on the edge of the sword, on the rim of a brass thali (plate) or On the Bed of Nails during the performance. The dance is accompanied by the male performers singing melodious songs and playing a number of musical instruments, which include pakhawaj, dholak, jhanjhar, sarangi, and harmonium.
Performing Dance Performance Bare Foot on Bed of Nails.
Moments Captured at Kalbelia Dance Performance.
Moments Captured at Kalbelia Dance Performance.
Omar Farooqi and his group of Musicians Playing Bhapang.
Performance of Raas Lilla at Jawahar Kala Kendra.
Kachi Ghodi Dance at the Procession which happens in City.
Decorated Bullock Cart and Elephants at Procession.
Decorated Camels at Procession.

Teej Mata ki Sawari at Procession and the Crowd of Thousands with Backdrop of Tripolia Gate.

Idol of Goddess Teej.

By Manav Singhi


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