Apalak a 10 day Photography Workshop by Himanshu Vyas and Suman Sarkar which was organised by Jawahar Kala Kendra was concluded today. This was the 4th edition of Apalak and it will be followed by a photography exhibition. I had also joined this workshop this year and I will say that this was one of my very good decision at the start of the year. If I say it in one line the basic motive of the workshop was to widen the circumference of your imagination and at the end to break that circumference to free your imagination, basics of photography and camera was just a small part of this 10 day workshop. These ten days were all about Light and Time it was a great experience and I will say that all those who are seriously interested in photography should not miss the next Apalak.

I took this pic in between one of the sessions of “Apalak “. For me the experience of Apalak 4 was exactly like this pic, where we all were just sitting in the darkness and somebody had opened a new door of Imagination and creativity.

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