Saffron Kesariya

Color Saffron (Kesariya) and other shades of yellow are regarded as auspicious colors. Color saffron is obtained from the precious saffron (kesar) leaves and in earlier times was regarded as a classy and rare color. With the Urbanization and easy availability of polyester printed clothes which are cheap and affordable, people are forgetting about the traditional colors and what they symbolize for. But still in rural areas of India you will find many people using these traditional colors in their day to day life.
I took this shot in a village of Rajasthan. This location was in front of the temple where these two old women’s in their traditional attire were purchasing vegetables from a much younger lady draped in a polyester printed sari. In this image we can clearly see that how plastic and polyester has made its space in villages of India also.


  1. the attire is beautiful , i wonder how they manage day to day work in it
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  2. what a perfect picture, nice contrast there...

  3. The bright colour does stand out.
    Nice picture.


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