Toilet Window at Jaipur Zoo.

Toilet Window at Jaipur Zoo.
I always used to think and heard that there is a very thin line between sanity and insanity. I found out about 12 years back that this was not true. I was approx 25 at that time and was not interested in marriage, was antisocial and was more into arts and creative stuff. My mom thought that I had gone mad so she took me to the psychiatrist. After the thorough examination the dr. said don’t worry mam your son is not mad. He explained it to her that there is a gray area between “Sanity (Ideal socially acceptable condition) & Insanity” and most of the artists live in that gray area only. Anyhow now I even had the certificate that I am not mad.

Yesterday I went to the Jaipur Zoo with my kid and felt the need for pee. I went to the Public Toilet of zoo (everyone knows the condition of public toilets in India) and when I was relieving myself I saw this window. It was broken, dirty, and the wall behind it was in the same condition but light was playing a good role and I loved this frame. I took out my mobile and captured it.

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