Happy International Working Women's Day.

Happy International Working Women's Day.
Over a few hundred years, just in the name of society, religion, power play and so on, people have created strange traditions and rules. As these rules and traditions were blindly followed by the general public, now they have become mentality. And that’s how, slowly and steadily, we are turning our world to be unfruitful.

The basic internal psychological hunger of every human is to create something. This is a basic physiological thing you will find in many books and journals. So intentionally or unintentionally every human being wants to create something and wants to prove that he is the best. Mostly, it is the acceptance by others that your creativity is the best, can give you the psychological satisfaction and break from the rat race.

But God has played a very big joke with the pride and false ego of men. Men could never get an inner satisfaction ever because they can never reach to the peak of creativity. The peak of creativity is the ability to give life, and this power is given only to women. So Males were always jealous of females cause women had the supreme power of creativity, Power of Giving Life.

So what happens when the egoistic, self-centered males understand that they just can’t ever win over women in this game? They tricked the women by implying certain rules and traditions. Men emphasised that possessing power and earning money is the supreme creativity. Men never had anything to lose but now in this rat race many women have lost the satisfaction of exuding their other forms of creativity and are now running to win or to be at par in this fake race.

If Men would have not tricked the women into this rat race of money & power, then I am sure there would have been no “International Women’s Day” originally called “International Working Women's Day” which is to celebrate women's economic, political, and social achievements. Instead, the World would have been celebrating “International Men’s Day with enthusiasm as a sympathy towards men as they can never attain the supreme satisfaction of creativity.

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