India's Conspiracy against Black and White Photographers.

India's Conspiracy against Black and White Photographers.
India is a very strange country; I am born in India but still trying to figure it out. I love black and white photography and always try to click some good ones. But in India it’s kind of impossible to click a good black and white pic without killing your soul. No matter how much you try but you end up with colors in your frame. Finding a good frame without colors in India is a task in itself. Sometimes you feel like it's a conspiracy going against black and white photographers in India. You will feel like people intentionally wear these colors and make a frame in front of you to capture. 

For example take the above image, I was traveling in a train heading for Pushkar Fair with my friend. I had my camera properly packed in my bag which was placed on the luggage rack above our seats and then as soon as train started I saw this frame in making. The guy on right side near window took out the water bottle from his bag, took few sips and don't know why placed the bottle on the other window instead of his own. A guy in his mid forties was watching something on the mobile. He decided to get in bit more comfortable position, opened his shoes and placed his legs on the window. 

Now you tell me how many guys in mid forties wear pink socks in this world? But in India I think it's all part of a big conspiracy. I was not left with any choice, I unpacked my bag took my camera out and clicked the above shot.
India's Conspiracy against Black and White Photographers.
I took this shot from my Mobile before I unpacked my bag and took out the Camera.

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