Exposing the Conspiracy against Men of this World – Part 1

Exposing the Conspiracy against Men of this World
Hello friends my name is Manav Singhi and in this and in future posts I am going to expose the conspiracy and planning of one of the World’s most dangerous organization. I know after this expose anything can happen to me because members of this secret organization are spread in every part of this world. But instead of thinking about my life I will fulfill my duty toward my brothers and going to expose this conspiracy for the future of all Men of this World.

The main motive and conspiracy of this organization is to mind wash each and every men of this World and then to rule them. Basically this “Secret Organization of Women’s” is run by some of the most powerful women’s of this World and it is estimated that there are more than 100,000 Women members of this organization who are spread everywhere in the World and doing their work silently. No one knows the name of this “Secret Organization of Women’s” so we will use the word SOW for the future references.

To accomplish their conspiracy this organization has partnered or you can say it is in the position to influence the decisions of many big companies and organizations of the World. With the help of these companies and organizations they easily enter in the day to day life of all the men of the World and can easily play the psychological game they had planned.

Today I will tell you about one of their many psychological conspiracies which they are practicing to fulfil their evil motive to rule all the Men’s of this World. Have you heard about the American Military project of K9 Dogs training? This program was started in 1967 and the basic concept of this training is that as soon as the dogs hear a particular sound of whistle which can be heard by dogs only and not by humans. They perform or follow the particular command associated with that particular sound. After the success of this experiment one of the wing of SOW had planned and started working on similar project for Men’s. And in this project the sound can be heard by Men’s only and not by Women’s.

Ok tell me what is the most loved thing done by men’s or you can say what is their best stress buster or relaxing thing or favourite enjoyment activity? It’s Drive, most of the men in this world prefer going on a drive to relax and to refresh their mood. If you have a bad day at office or a fight at home with your wife you prefer going on a drive. I also use to prefer going on a drive only but after I came to know about how SOW has used this thing to implement their physiological plans I got petrified.  Up till now they had implemented 3 stages of this evil physiological conspiracy all around the World.

First Stage: few years back I bought a new car and suddenly a new feature got revealed in front of me and it was the Buzzing sound of seat belt reminder. I had heard about it before but had never experienced it in the Indian car. First I thought ok it is for my safety but then I came to know that No it is not for our safety but it is an evil physiological plan of SOW. (First Successful result of “American Military project of K9 Dogs training” came in the limelight in 1970 after the 3 years of 1967 when this project has started) This Buzzer sound of seat belt was first introduced from early 1970s in the cars of North America. And after its success this is implemented in all the cars around the Globe.

This feature is installed in our cars so that on a particular sound men get in the habit to obey the particular order automatically no matter what their mood is. Fight at office, home or at any other reason for bad day none of those matters; as soon as men start their car a sound buzzes and men automatically wear their seat belt. But have you noticed that this sound is heard by men only and women can’t hear this sound. I realized about this after many sittings with female drivers, they start driving and they don’t even notice this sound they are busy with their gossips or anything else until the co male passenger ask them to wear seat belt.

Second Stage: After the men’s got into the habit of obeying the order second feature got installed in the cars and that was another kind of sound which starts if you close the engine and forget to close the head light or leave the keys inside and you yourself get out of the car. This sound is installed to remind you about your duties and give you a guilty feeling. Same thing I had never seen a women hearing this sound ever and react to it.

Third Stage: After the sounds they had planned and implemented a new feature for the visual psychology. The purpose of this feature is that all the men of this World get in practice to do whatever has been told to them and not to argue. This new feature in cars tells you in which gear you should drive your car. This feature is installed near the speedometer and keeps on blinking and keeps telling you in which gear you should drive. This is a very big psychological step in killing the free will and killing the ability of taking the decision. The SOW wants to make all the men’s of this world vegetable. I had noticed that this feature also has no effect on female drivers, they don’t even notice it.

Friends we have to get united to fight them back, otherwise our future generations will be ruled by the women’s.

Pretty soon I will be with you reveling another strategy which SOW is using for their evil plans. Till then be safe and try to save the world from the evil hands of SOW. 

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  1. Hillarious... SOW memebers hear me out i d like to get on the board!


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