Diwali ki Safai.

Diwali ki Safai.

A mobile shot taken today while I was enjoying our annual “Diwali Safai Festival”. 

Basically “Diwali or Deepawali ki Safai” is an annual Hindu festival which is celebrated every year few days before the Deepawali. 

In this festival basically all the Hindus have to complete two tasks. 
First - thoroughly clean their homes and work places. 
Second - have to discard all the unwanted and useless things. 

I should say one more thing here that Diwali ki Safai is basically a Hindu Festival but in my lifetime I had seen Muslim and other religion families also celebrating this festival with same enthusiasm. This religion hatred and tension is the gift of Politicians for their own benefits. Otherwise we Indians are very happy go lucky people, who don’t care about which religion has to celebrate which festival, as long as it is a festival most of us celebrate anything and everything.

But being a Indian Hindu from last 39 years and celebrating this Diwali ki Safai Festival every year, I had never - ever came across a single family or a person who had completed the second task successfully. Every year in my own home we come across many unwanted and useless things which we know we had not used from years and most probably are not going to use in future also but . . .  We don’t discard it every year those things might change the place but we don’t discard them. . . “Jane Kab Jarurat Pad Jaye” (don’t know when we would need them). 

For example - below you will see a picture of a Dirty Skateboard which is more than 30 years old, my parents got it for me when I was kid. I had hardly used it nor do I have any plans to use it in future also, all the bearings of its tires got rusted and are not usable. In last 30 years the whole design and materials by which skateboards are made have been changed. In these 30 years we had changed 2 homes but still . . . Jane Kab Jarurat Pad Jaye. . . 

Diwali ki Safai.


  1. Skateboard story mast hai sir... Jane kab jarurat pad jaye.. We all are like this...😂

  2. Hard to let things go... :) I understand that sentiment. Happy Diwali to you!


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