Love is in the air.

Love is in the air.
It’s Monsoon time in Jaipur and Love is in the air. Shot taken in the early morning showers at M.I. Road, Jaipur. What I love about Street Photography is that it brings you closer to life, you experience lot of things through the eyes of your camera and it daily teaches you something new. 

Heritage is an invaluable asset for a civilization and for a country. It is the culture and heritage of a country that offer an identity to the people of the nation. Jaipur is one of the richest cities in terms of culture, antique lifestyle and magnificent forts.

Jaipur might be infamous across the world as ‘Pink City’ but for a few months every year, the city is painted in vivid colors of the nature. The monsoon brings out a different life to its people. The warmth of the sun fades away with the cluttering clouds and a drop of the rain paints the Pink City into a vivacious mood.

Taps of horse-carts, splashing water on the streets, birds singing in joys and children out to play, all of this evaporates the heat and monotony of one’s daily struggle. The royalty of the city can still be seen in forts surrounded by lush green Aravalli Hills.

Streets are the best place to experience monsoon in the city. The lightly crowded market, a cup of tea and the sweet melody of the rain striking the concrete road offer a beautiful and lively experience. Jaipur has always been the traveler’s paradise. People come to the city to explore the finest of destinations and capturing moments that make one’s journey blissful is best part of photography.

Every walk out on the road, with the cool breeze touching your face, teaches you the real meaning of life in our mere survival. 

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