Sand Storm at Jaipur

Sand Storm at Jaipur
Jaipur was hit by a Sand Storm today followed by little shower to clean the environment. The above picture was taken at 5:30 P.M. from my room’s window, near World Trade Park, Jaipur. Today is 43rd day of India’s Lock Down and things are starting to look Ugly. Government cannot keep people in Locks for forever and Corona Virus is not going anywhere. 

The second picture below is at the time of sunset from my terrace.

Sunset at Jaipur


  1. ...I have never lived where sandstorms occur! I've read about the dust bowl during the Great Depression in the US. It lasted for years and somehow those who came before us lived through it. Now we are complaining about a month of two of isolation.

    1. Hi Tom, Yes When we look at the things from this Perspective the whole Coronavirus thing looks so simple but I think now we are not in the habit of that lifestyle and that is the problem.

  2. It is amazing how dark it is from the storm. A great image.


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