The Lost Coffee.

Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

7 Months Back this was the regular thing but yesterday it felt like ages. After a long time I went to Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur and ordered the same black coffee. Taste was same, staff was same and people around me were same but there was a fear of Corona in the air.

People say that life will normalize; it will be same like pre Corona times but Mark My Words Nothing Will be Same Ever Again.

This Corona Period has given overnight rise to many Hygiene & Sanitization Products Industries. Right now Hygiene & Sanitization Products Market is the biggest and the most profitable market in entire world. 

Do you really think the lobby of these Industrialist & Investors will ever going to let this market saturate. NO, now in future we will see many new Hygiene related Policies and Wide Spread of Fear in the Name of Hygiene & Sanitization Awareness. . . . For example now most of us had stopped drinking water from public supply or payau and instead we just consume bottled water which is more harmful then what we use to drink before. If you go through it you will find out how these Industrialists had installed that fear in us. 

Some of you will think that my next door neighbor has a bottled water factory but he is not a part of this nexus. My friend Water is not the product here, product is Plastic Bottle which is sold in the name of Water. You can ban polythene but how will you stop selling water without plastic pouch or bottles? The Raw Material from which we manufacture anything of plastic is controlled by just few Powerful Families entire World Wide. Don’t believe me ask any of your friend who is in Plastic business that who holds the key of Indian Plastic Industry?

Same thing is now what we will see in Hygiene & Sanitization Industries. All your next door Hygiene & Sanitization factory is doing is buying products like chemicals, spirit and other stuff from the few powerful families who controls these things entire world wide.

Soon you will see the new army of Opportunists and Hygiene Freaks who will be justifying these things and will be unknowingly part of this world wide Conspiracy.

So My Friends Welcome to a New World of Fear. I am not a Sadist or Pessimist but I know Nothing we can do and Nothing will ever going to be the same again. . . 

Indian Coffee House, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur


  1. Suresh Gyanchandani5 October 2020 at 12:29

    I agree with you. Things may normalize, but the industrialists won't allow it any way to normalize..
    Very true ...

  2. I agree and have said this too, that nothing will EVER be the same again :-( Things just feel so different now compared to last year and before. Great shot of the coffee :-D


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