The Evening Monsoon in Jaipur.

The Evening Monsoon in Jaipur.

The evening monsoon in Jaipur is a sight to behold. The sky is filled with heavy clouds, which cast a dark shadow over the city. The air is filled with the sound of raindrops falling on the rooftops and the streets. 

The monsoon is a time of renewal for Jaipur. The heat and dust of the summer are washed away, and the city is refreshed. The plants and trees come alive, and the air is filled with the scent of wet earth.

The monsoon usually arrives in Jaipur in July and lasts until September.

The heaviest rainfall occurs in July and August.

The average temperature during the monsoon is around 25 degrees Celsius.

The humidity levels are high during the monsoon, which can make the weather feel quite oppressive.

Despite the heat and humidity, the monsoon is a beautiful time to visit Jaipur. The city is lush and green, If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience, the monsoon in Jaipur is definitely worth considering.

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