Pushkar fair and Hopes. . .

I met this guy in Pushkar fair his name is Bhagwan Singh Raika, he was looking bit tensed so I just decided to intervene. He told me that uptill now fair this year has not brought any good news to him, he has loans to repay and he was here to sell his camel’s but can’t able to find a good buyer yet. While we were talking he was repeatedly looking towards a direction (somewhere behind me) he was waiting for his son to return who has gone to talk to a buyer.

I liked the posture and the effect created by the shadow of hand in sunlight, in which one eye was brightly lit up and other eye was in darkness. Before he could have reacted I put my camera in position and clicked the shot. All that happen in friction of second, I stood up and wished him luck.


  1. thats a great click , i feel so bad for these people
    i wish everybody gets their basic food, clothing and shelter
    keep in touch

  2. Great post...one can feel the desperation in his eyes...hopefully he managed to sell his camels.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. This is a good capture! But really feel sad for him. His eyes have mixed expressions, hopes and desperation.


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