Sweet Smell of Marijuana. . .

Continuation of Part 1 - So after the refreshing tea I was ready for the war but the only problem was that everyone else was sleeping. Anyhow without losing the hope I was roaming around in the desert in the middle of sleeping Camels. Then suddenly a sweet smell of marijuana just hit me from nowhere. As I turned to see the source of that sweet smell I saw two people in distance where having drags of marijuana and preparing camp fire to fight the cold. I started walking towards them when I reached near them we greeted each other and I sat in front of them always get in the eye level of subject. We were having some general conversation and in between those conversations they offered me a drag. . . . Awww. . . it was a tempting offer but I refused it with thanks. Then they both started discussing something and I found this candid moment and clicked it.

Some people say that it is good to mix art and alcohol or drugs, some say having few pegs before singing in public will improve your performance and so on. I am not going to deny all these things straight away but you have to understand what they do to you and how it works. Alcohol slowdowns your reflexes and suppress the reasoning and logical part of your brain. So for a singer who has to perform in front of hundreds of people he gets bit conscious and to overcome that consciousness he sometimes take alcohol and sometimes it even might work. A painter when he takes marijuana his brain becomes slow and gets free from all the borders and then he creates a work of art and so on. . . But a Photographer always has to be in attention position with good reflexes cause he has to immediately rationalize the situation get in position and do the clicking keeping all the rules in mind. For a photographer most important things are moments and if you had missed them you have missed the all. So I will say that Alcohol and Drugs are not good for Photography.


  1. Awesome pics and d story is just superb

  2. Marijuana definitely makes you feel more creative and free when doing art, but generally I've found the actual art you create isn't as good. I'm thinking that maybe it would be useful for the creative part of the process, and maybe laying the groundwork of a painting or drawing, but when you need to do the really technical stuff it's best to be sober.

    Jeff | HerbTools

  3. I've had my best ideas whilst high, it really brings out my creative side every time.

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