Red Of Rajasthan

Red is considered to be one of the most auspicious color in Hindu mythology. Traditionally Red color is obtained from the root of plant Manjit, it is identical with the blood or force of human life. Color red denotes well being, joy, fertility, prosperity and sensuousness. Color red has a very deep meaning in Indian psyche; it is a sign of woman’s marital status, in wedding women is decked up in brilliant hues of red and have red sindoor (vermillion) on forehead color red also denotes erotic connotation. Color white represent purity and simplicity and worn extensively by males in Indian subcontinent.

I took this shot at one of the Rajasthani folk dance festival.


  1. what a beautiful representation of red
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  2. Interesting movement of the red color!

  3. That is a very beautiful picture.

  4. Lovely description of Red accompanied by an awesome shot.


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