What Next?

I met this Guy Yesterday, he sells balloon at Statue Circle, Jaipur. I was there with a friend to click some light trails, we both positioned our camera and doing some clicking. This Guy was standing near us only and he got curious about what kind of photography are we doing. So he started with some chit chat, then saw what we were clicking and then after sometime started telling us his story. 

He is a Poor Guy with a wife and two kids in village, he earns by selling balloons. He don’t know any other work cause from the childhood only he use to do farming with his father. Now just farming is not enough to feed his family cause that land is too small and most of the times because of drastic weather changes (We Call it Global Warming) crops get destroyed. So now his wife does little bit of framing in village and he sells Balloon here.

He recently came to know that Officers of Jaipur Development Authority are making some rules because of which no one will be allowed to sell balloons on Statue Circle anymore. So the Question for him which he was asking to me is What Next? (साहब आप ही बताओ गुब्बारे भी नहीं बेच पाउँगा तो अब आगे क्या करूँगा ?)

And in between all these things I took this Shot.

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  1. it feel so bad to see that our farmers a re now forced to look for alternate professions and even bad for this guy
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