A Kiss.

A Kiss at Amer Fort Jaipur

The silver lining in perfection is what drives us towards efforts to achieve it. But is it really perfect, how can we be sure that it is? I am not perfect alone, You are not perfect alone, Maybe we are not perfect together,

But do we really need to be?

I am happy with your imperfections; you are happy with mine, that is all that is needed.

Why the freedom to love does is strangled by the need for perfection? Are we this hollow as a society so we make up all this fudge? Maybe we are; that is why we judge. We do not give out our hearts easily, we wait till we make sure it is perfect. Nothing in this world is it? Because perfection is a myth and there is no denying it.

Do I still love you; maybe a bit.

I was not looking when I stumbled upon you, Must have been fate.

Oh how I found this freedom to love within me?

In this world filled with Anger, Sorrow and Hate. You just have to stay you and make sure you treat others kindly. My name is love and you very well know; where to find me.

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  1. My friend Manav this is beyond beautiful! I feel the emotion and the passion in this photo!


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