Mr.Ravan @ Dussehra In Jaipur

Mr.Ravan @ Dussehra In Jaipur

Dussehra In Jaipur

The night was really dark and it was a jam-packed audience. Despite the sky being as black as the devil himself, it was not scary. Maybe because of the belief of the people there, that darkness will be shattered with one fire-lit arrow and the truth will finally emerge victorious against the evil. India is a land of beliefs. Despite good and evil being an integral part of the society, its people’s belief that keeps them true to sense of India.

For a moment the gloom had engulfed the lights from the crackers but then, a range of shooting stars spread lights so vivid that it could be seen from far away. Isn’t it the same that happens around us? However strong the evil is, good finally makes a way for itself to shine. Be it Lord Ram, Krishna or any divine figure that led mankind from darkness to light, had to fight the battle that defined their godlike personality. That is what defines how humans should be. Raavan is synonymous to evil and arrogance and burning the effigy every year does not only mean celebration but it means teaching mankind that everyone of us have it inside us to fight and defeat what is wrong.

The evening was pleasant and people from all spheres of life had gathered together to see the annual celebration of Dussehra. Elderly had come to witness what they had read and heard growing up. Kids were more excited to buy balloons off the fair and young people to know more of what our country’s heritage is. 

The moment had finally arrived and chants hailing the King of Ikshvaku roared the arena, while a young boy, with his body painted all blue stepped on the pedestal and everybody bowed down to the supreme god of nature. He then, lifted his bow and pointed towards the magnanimous effigy of evil and with a belief of Lord Ram himself, shot the arrow. The statue began bursting and within a few moments it lay shattered on the ground. Fireworks began rustling the sky and it was yet another year, when truth had triumphed against evil.

When the crowd began to scatter, a little boy sitting on his father’s shoulders asked his father if he could be Ram next dussehra and the father replied, “Of course! You could and turned around to leave, looking at brunt effigy of Raavan, thinking to himself, if only there could be another like Lord Ram.

Our scriptures say that Raavan was not all bad. He was the most learned sage in all of universe and was a profound devotee of Shiva but what gave him away was his lust and arrogance. Like human being is made of all kind of emotions, good and bad but what matters is the quality that we mold to be primary. It not what lies within but what is seen by the world outside turns someone into Demon King Raavan and someone into Lord of Light, Ram. 

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