Is it Reflection or Life. . .

I took this pic at Johri bazar, Jaipur and this is the window of my car on which the reflection or life of this poor guy is captured. After doing some street photography when I came back to my car I saw these guys standing there and talking to each other. I just smiled at them and asked them to make some space so that I can sit in my car. They gave me the space and the guy who has his hand resting on his back made a comment “I also had the same car once but lost it in the betting and now I have rickshaw”. Without even thinking and wasting anytime my hands automatically grabbed the camera and I took this pic.

Although this photograph is technically not perfect but every time when you take photograph it’s not necessary that it has to be absolutely focused, sharp, with a subject or following the rules of photography. Photography is an art and camera is just a tool which helps an artist to present his vision to the world. Art is divided into many categories but it has no specific rules or definition. The most common definition of art is :- “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”. So to simplify it further we can say that any creation which is appealing to you can be defined as an art. So even if a photograph is not fulfilling the norms of good photography like right composition, good focus, or sharpness or so on. . . but still if it somehow grab your attention and/or portray a story then you can call it a good piece of art.


  1. Sir, story behind every photograph. Marvelous!!!
    Your photography mesmerized me every time :)

  2. I agree on that.
    But you have his sharp looks. :)

  3. Beautiful snap. He's wondering why he's clicked.

  4. it is perfect in its imperfection ,marvelous

  5. So true! This is Beautifully enigmatic :)

  6. this pic captured my attention-it could very well be an illustration in a crime fiction.


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