Reflections -Portrait Somewhere at Sambhar Salt Lake, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Reflections are quite common around you, but do they actually portray your true self. What does a reflection show? What do we see from reflections.

Reflection of yours are the opposite of you. You can see yourself but not the real image. You can feel like it's you but it's not. But however, your reflection is the closest form of yourself. Only reflection can help you learn about yourself, what else is more accurate like you? Not any person or thing. Reflections are everywhere, but however we ignore a lot of reflections everyday. We walk past so many reflections that we've forgotten how important it is to have a reflection; it reminds you of your existence in a physical form. It reminds us of what we are, how we look. It's the only way to look through the others' eyes, how people see you. But reflections will follow us always.


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