Days and Darks

Patrika Gate Jawahar Circle Jaipur

Black castle

As the sun begins to set and the moon begins to rise, the dark skies take over. It's not to an uncommon phenomenon, we see these lights set everyday, and again the same light comes back tomorrow. All balanced, day or night, equally witnessed by us. Don't we witness the same with our lives, through the dark's and through the dark's. All those ups and all those downs, resembles the act of living. The sun and the moon shows the perfect resemblance. The days  with all those opportunities to live and the moon in the night giving a hope that the sun is not far away from the horizon. 

The monument resembles the act of time meanwhile, the laws of aging and destruction with time. The act of time decays all the creations in the universe, be it man-made or be it nature's own creation. But this doesn't stop any creation to occur, the chain goes on forever, under days and dark's.

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