The cycle of life.

The cycle of life Street Photography Jaipur
The cycle of life shall continue as the clouds passes by. The cycles of life can be observed everywhere. Everything carries a birth, a life and a death. Shakespeare suggested a perfect life cycle, divided into seven stages of life. These clouds above us witness our life with every arrival of them. These clouds are natural calendars, existed even before our existence and our man-made calendars. Like we are on our own cycle and the clouds above us are on their own cycle. From destination to destination the clouds take birth in order to rain. Just like ours, just that we don't realize our destinations quite early. It takes time to understand the reason of your existence. Wouldn't that be easy if we knew what we came for? Just like the clouds, living and existing just to rain. But wherever we head in life, these clouds are going to chase us, till our last breath and till we lie on our grave facing towards them.

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