Neha Singhi feeding crows at Sambhar Lake Jaipur Rajasthan

We long for connections, yet detach ourselves. We look for love, yet dread misfortune. We dream for sometime in the not so distant future, rather than attempting for now. We need change, yet don't have any desire to change. We over-expend, at that point wonder why there's no space to make. We love the sea, yet purchase plastic. We advocate for education, and then bury our students in loan. We need well being, yet, at a cost. We have faith in equity; however battle to overcome any barrier of disparity. We request better pioneers, however try not to think to lead. We wish for a superior world, however not at the expense of solace and comfort. 

There's a distinction here and its not any persons fault. The world is made up of both magnificence and brokenness. More often than not, I accept we have our hearts in the perfect spot. The problem is how overwhelming it all seems, but change is made up of small moments. Change happens when we have been harmed, but choose not to act from our hurt. Change happens when who appears to be disturbed, and ask how we can uphold them. Change happens when we don't pretend to have all the answers, but are willing to ask the uncomfortable questions.

The truth is, if we knew the entire story behind everyone's actions, we would perceive any reason why they are how they are. And, it doesn't excuse it, but compassion is the birthplace of change.

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